CC Camp

Tokyo, Japan

airfare cost and schedule

I had made a reservations to leave Denver and fly to Salt Lake City. I catch a new flight to Los Angeles and then finally connect with my flight to Tokyo. The total amount of time to get to Tokyo is !7 hours and !0 minutes. Denver to Salt Lake City it takes 1 hour to get to L.A. Then I have to take another plane from L.A, which takes 11 hours and 28 minutes.

I go on this trip on the 9th of May and return on May 26th. The cost of my flight will be $1417, including a friend who is going with me.


We will travel on Delta Airlines using an economy flight to get to our destination. We plan on staying at Tokyo Part Hotel for the 17 nights on our trip, which costs $188. I'm bringing a lot of money to shop for some stuff that Denver doesn't have, maybe some souvenirs along with going out to eat or just somethings i'm interested in. I'd rather go out to eat than order room service. I didn't come just to sit in the hotel all day because I can just do that in Denver, so why not go out?


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Since, Im from the U.S, I don't speak or understand Japanese. This could be a problem to find directions, order food, or pretty much anything. To solve this issue, it's a possible choice to hire a translator or buy a Japanese dictionary. I would rather hire some one to translate because reading the dictionary everywhere I go would take forever to find what I'm looking for.


I took a connected flight to arrive in Tokyo and spent 17 nights at the Tokyo Park Hotel. Many suprises came along while I was on my trip. I went to a fancy restaunt to get sushi, saw my favorite band, Brokencyde, play in concert and went to see the most amazing movie Iv'e ever seen, Suicide Room in theaters. I also got to a chance to do a lot of shopping at Pink Cupcake and bought Japanese candy, along with some kawaii items, that wern't sold in Denver. I didn't expect any of this to happen, but i'm really glad I went on this epic trip to Tokyo.