The Bear Necessities

August 30, 2018

Show them the LOVE with greeting time in the morning

On our Tier One expectations, you will see greetings. Most of you have rocked the greetings, either having a student or paraprofessional outside the door, making eye contact with each student, allowing them to choose a way to be greeted.

For the children, this felt sense of safety and connection is essential to a day of cooperation, caring, learning and fun!

Want to UP YOUR GAME...consider having the teacher sit on the floor each day toward the beginning of the day and take time to say hello and participate in an "I Love You" ritual with each child. Remember, you can personalize those if you get resistance...there are no rules, just give that ONE child your UNDIVIDED attention and a little eye contact....and let the dopamine do it's job!!

Are you thinking....Kerry, I'd love to up my game, but table time/floor time would be a disaster without us both helping run that activity. Ask yourself "WHY" you do what you do with those precious 3 hours and see if you can't justify a little time to "Show them the LOVE".

*A reminder that we have changed our NEE indicator from 5 to 5.3 B

The teacher establishes secure teacher-student relationships: Research-based strategies may include frequent, positive interactions with student, sensitive and supportive of student, being responsive to student interest, acknowledging the perspectives of students, greeting students at the door, having high expectations for student learning and demonstrating caring about students’ achievement.

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Comprehensive Facility Master Plan Survey

Please make sure your voice is heard!!

Going to a PD outside of the district? You need to fill out a PMR

You will find the PMR information in the top left hand file cabinet drawer. I've placed empty copies for you to use, an example, directions and the travel guidelines in this folder. Please make sure that you account for ALL expenses that you plan to have. If the conference is free, but you are driving there, you still need a PMR, as you will be charging mileage and a possible meal.

When figuring the price of your mail, I've marked TWO pages in the Travel Guidelines packet that you need to use and take a picture of before you leave. The first is a "Meal Per Diem", the second is a "State Per Diem". This should guide your PMR estimate and your spending.

We will complete the budget code portion of this document for you.

You will turn the PMR in to Kim. You also need to email her if she needs to register you because there is a cost involved.


My understanding at this time is that Frontline will be used as a sign up and documentation storage tool for PD that is inside the district. This week you got an email from Kristi Eggleston about this, we will be participating. This would be your place to sign up for classes like CPR and district sponsored Autism Courses.

Class Pets

Class Pets: Teachers must complete the Class Pet Approval documentation if you have any pets in your buildings. As a note, this sub-committee will be revisiting the topic of therapy dogs. We will keep the team apprised of progress.

Lee's Summit Educational Foundation, have you considered donating?

If you have not taken the opportunity to make a one time or on going donation to the foundation, please consider it is a worthy cause to consider. This staff portion of their fundraising ends soon, there is competition between buildings, which is fun and result in a free lunch if we won, but the goal is to allow us to continue to do amazing things for kids.

I do want to remind everyone that this amazing building is here because of a donation. But the Education Foundation was tasked with matching that donation and they worked hard to make this place a reality.

I also want to remind everyone that the foundation funded our field trips and several PEAK grants last year.

Form to complete and send to "Foundation" at SLC

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Magnets in doors

If you leave your room you MUST pull the magnet from your door. If you are a partner classroom, this is of the BIGGEST importance. If you don't pull your magnet, that classroom attached to you is at risk. We've seen that this is an issue and we need everyone to be thoughtful about this topic.

Remember, we also want to hear about any other safety concerns you have. Alert Cristi, Kerry or Jeanie.

Bus Loading Time:

We load buses from 11:35-11:45 and 3:35-3:45. Your students should not be making their way out of classrooms until these times. I do know there are students we have a plan for loading before others, so those are exceptions. THANKS for utilizing all of the instructional minutes available to you!

How is your One Word coming along....

We will continue to work on our "One Word" this fall. I want you to place it in a spot you pass daily (many of you have posted outside your work space). I want you to take a moment, occasionally to consider your "one word" and any impact you've allowed it to have in your life. We will have the one word supplies out at our next staff meetings for you to create that one word if you haven't yet had the chance.

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Please make sure to schedule yourself time to eat and take care of you during this busy two days. Your first appointment should start no earlier than 8:00 and your last appointment should start no later than 7:30. If' you've already scheduled outside of these hours, please notify us, as an administrator needs to be present.


Monday: hoping you enjoy your day off!

Tuesday: here

Wednesday: here, Kerry 1/2 PM PDO

Thursday: Jeanie Principal Mtg, Kerry ECSE local mtg in Center AM, PM here

Friday: Jeanie here, Kerry PDO