Handwriting Analysis

Team Challenge

Letter Form

"letterforms" is often used to describe the study and design of individual letters while typography applies to the design and use with letterforms. As such, "letterform" applies not only to letters but to any graphic elements of a script, typeface or font (including numbers, symbols and punctuation).

Mostly about the appearance of letters-ex. slant or curve

Letter form includes shape of letters, curve of letters, the angle or slant of letters, the proportional size of letters, and the use and appearance of connecting lines between letters.

The first picture of handwriting shows proper use of cursive handwriting and it is an example of handwriting that would be very easily identified because it is unlike most other types.

The second picture shows handwriting is still very nicely written would be set apart from the handwriting above because of its fancy characteristics such as the loops and the crossing of the letter T.

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Line Form

Line form is the smoothness of letters and the darkness of lines on the upward and downward strokes. It is influenced by speed, pressure, and the writing instrument.

In the picture below it shows very smooth letters with even darkness both on the upward and downward strokes. It shows that the person wrote slowly and carefully and with a ballpoint pen.

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The spacing of letters between words and lines, the placement of words on a line, and margins of empty space.

Formatting includes the spacing between letters, the spacing between words and lines, the placement of words on a line, and the margins a writer leaves empty on a page.

In the picture below it shows that the spacing between letters is uneven, for example "bad things" is much closer to each other than other words. The first line is further away from the second line. The writing slants downward as he/she wrote right to left. And he/she started further to the left on the first line that they did on the other lines.

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