Take Flight State of the Class

December Edition

Rate Practice

Our "B day" schedules are off to a great start! I know we had a big break last week, but it is SO evident that many of you still practice those timed lists during the break. The students have started to get really excited when they beat previous times. Remember, practice those lists daily by timing your child for 30 seconds as they read each list aloud, giving corrective feedback for any words that are misread (i.e. if your child says "mat" instead of "mitt", just give them the correct word to repeat and move on) . Their goal is to read farther in the list each time they practice. Don't forget to replace the lists behind the "rate" tab when you're done so that we're ready to access them quickly the next time we time.

Report Cards

A HUGE thanks to those of you who have returned your signed report cards for the 2nd six weeks. If you haven't yet, don't worry!! Just get it signed and returned as soon as you can. I would be happy to provide another copy should you need one, just let me know. :)

What is Dyslexia?

I know I've shared the video below before, but it's just too good to not share again. This video gives a great visual to what Dyslexia is, clears misconceptions about what it's NOT, and explains how it can affect student learning. This video can be a great reminder when you're frustrated from the "why is this SO hard for my kiddo??" days we can all have, or to help educate friends of family members that may benefit from learning about Dyslexia. Knowledge is power, friends!!
What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley


This Friday, December 4th, I will be in Dallas at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and learning TONS from my instructors at the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia. I can't wait to bring that knowledge back on Monday to implement it with my groups!

Bonus Funnies

...because, why not?!? :) ENJOY!

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