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Lesson 9 Starts Today!!!!

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At the End of Lesson 9, you will learn: أهداف تعليم الدرس التاسع

In this lesson, you will learn :

  • Several cultural concepts related to the value of "neighborhood", hospitality, and Arabic black coffee.
  • How to introduce your family members to someone.
  • How to use demonstrative pronouns in the Arabic sentence.
  • Methods of converting nouns to dual form.
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What assignments are due by Sunday, November 16 الواجبات

واجبات الدرس التاسع

  • L. 9 Assignment 9.1: Hospitality - Discussion Board
  • L.9 Assignment 9.2: Vocabulary & Speaking
  • L. 9 Assignment 9.3: Family Tree
  • L. 9 Assignment 9.4: Coaching Sessions
  • L. 9 End of Lesson 9 Quiz
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Hospitality in the Arabic Culture

Hospitality (diyafa- ضيافة) is a defining characteristic of Arab culture. This cultural value can be traced to the Bedouin roots of Arab culture who were obliged to offer protection and shelter to strangers—even fugitives. Thus, it is impossible for Arabs, including the poor, to turn away a visitor and deny him hospitality.

Coffee is an important element of this hospitality as Arabic black coffee was famous all over the world for its rituals of preparation, roasting, grinding, boiling, pouring etc..

Tea is also an important drink that Arabs consider an expression of gratitude to getting together with people in the community. They even drink it in the summer and consider it an important and healthy drink. Among Arab countries, Egypt is the first in rates of drinking tea followed by Saudi Arabia.

Language Coaching Sessions: Please make sure you attend coaching sessions at your designated time, day, and coach. It's a big part (20%) of your grade, and very important to attend! If you have an emergency and can't attend the session, please email your coach right away to let her/him know. *If you miss a coaching session, make it up ASAP!