Broiler Tiger

DangerouslyClose To Extinction

Which Countrys Do Broiler Tigers Live In

They live in north and south Korea, rusha, china, and mongolia

What Habitat Does The Broiler Tiger Live

They live in grass, forest, and jungle places


This tiger has black, orange, and white on it.  The cubs are 5-6 inches long and adults are 3.3 meters long.  The male weighs 297-569 pounds while the female weighs 220-353 pounds.


The broiler tiger eats deer, antelope, and pigs


Buffalos, deer, elephants


It can have 2-3 baybies at a time

Why Is This Tiger Endangered

Poaching, used for medicine, habitat loss, and they are killed for sushi 

How Are We Saving The Tiger

We have foundations and events, we are closing tiger farms, we are stopping poaching, and even now it is illegal to kill a tiger
Friendly Tiger at the Indianapolis Zoo

Save Them!

We NEED to save them because there are only 1,200 tigers left in the world!  Now is our time to save the tigers, otherwise these cute tigers will be all gone!
How to save the tiger?