KA Round Up

May 12th and May 19th

Welcome to the Kindergarten Academy!


I'm Mrs. Healey, Principal of the Kindergarten Academy. I'd like to welcome you as your child begins his/her journey in the Mechanicsburg Area School District. It's time to "round up" our incoming kindergarten students for the 2021-2022 school year. I wanted to give you a snapshot of what the "Round Up" will be like so that you and your child know what to expect. Your family should plan on being at the school for about 40 minutes.

Our main goals for students include seeing the school, interacting with staff members, and completing some tasks/games. Our main goals for parents are to introduce you to the various services offered at the school, have an opportunity to ask questions, and to meet some key staff members so that everyone feels comfortable with the transition to our school-age program. Like everything else during this past year, the COVID 19 pandemic has forced us to think outside the box when it comes to providing families and staff opportunities to get acquainted before starting school in the fall.

I look forward to meeting you on May 12th or May 19th.

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What does the "drive thru" look like?

  • Vehicles will drive into the bus loop in the front of the school and pull up to the "Welcome Table".
  • The kindergarten staff will be there to greet you. Your child will then be escorted through the various stations both inside and outside the building by one of our Instructional aides who will remain with your child throughout the process. Your child may choose to "ride" a toy horse through the stations if desired.
  • Your child will be escorted to various stations to play some "games".
  • While your child is moving through stations, you will continue to "drive thru" the bus loop and stop at each station designated by "pop up" tents and tables for additional information.
  • At the last station, you will meet Mrs. Gochenaur, administrative assistant, who will introduce herself and her role and hand out a packet of information.
  • Lastly, you will pull into the parking lot and park in the front row.
  • While you are waiting to be reunited with your child, there will be an opportunity to have deeper conversations about medical issues with our school nurses. Look for them in the front row of the parking lot in the handicap section.
  • You can wait at the playground by at the play equipment end to be reunited with your child.
  • After being reunited with your child, feel free to take your child to the playground. We ask that you limit your time on the playground to 15 minutes due to safety protocols surrounding COVID 19.

What stations will my child be rotating through?

  • The first station will be a hearing screening completed by our district nurses.
  • Vision screenings will be performed by the Lion's Club. Please see the attached link for more information.
  • On the playground (black top) area, there will be stations set up for children to complete a language screener and a kindergarten academic screener.
  • While students are on the black top area of the playground, they will get to go to an arts and craft station to make a cowboy/cowgirl hat.
  • If English is not the language spoken in the home, your child will go to an additional station for a English language screener.

What stations will parents be driving through?

  • The Welcome Station: Mrs. Hiddemen and Mrs. Healey
  • The Health Services Station: The nurses will be providing information and answering questions about the laws surrounding the medical requirements for kindergarten entry. Please see the attachment below that provides additional information about those requirements and other health room items.
  • Transportation Station: Staff that head our transportation department will be confirming your plans for transportation for the upcoming school year. They will be able to answers about our protocols, guidelines and policies surround transportation.
  • Food Services Station: Staff from this department will be handing out some take home samplings of food for all children ages 18 and under. They will also provide information and answer questions about breakfasts and lunches served at school. Attached below is additional information about the free breakfast and lunch program for next year.
  • Kindergarten Academy Station: Mrs. Gochenaur, administrative assistant, will be answering questions and be providing specific information about the Kindergarten Academy.

What COVID 19 safety protocols will be in place?

  • All staff, students and parents will wear masks while on school grounds.
  • Stations are set up to allow for 6 ft. of social distancing.
  • Students will be asked to sanitize their hands before and after using school manipulatives at the kindergarten station.
  • Staff will sanitize all materials used by students after each use.
  • Playground time should be limited to 15 minutes and social distancing should be practiced.

How can I sign up for a Kindergarten Round Up appointment?

You may now text 70071 to (833) 411-0833 to receive the schedule and sign up for a time or you may schedule a time at with the link below by clicking on it and then click on the MASD Kindergarten Round Up Sign Ups. You can also text 70071 to (833) 411-0833. If you have any difficulties, please contact Angie Weber, Registrar, at (717)-6913431.
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What information do I need to know from the health room?

Students are required to have various requirements to start school. Please see the attached link below to view those requirements and see other helpful hints from our nurses. If you have any questions or concerns you will have an opportunity to talk with our nurses at the Round Up. To click on any of the links in the Google Slide below, just put in present mode.