Dj Ghost

Featuring Dj Kuba

Come and PARTy!

If you come to party with dj Ghost you will have fun! Spend the time with your friends and have a good time! Songs can be requested. (See below).

100.7 Mix

Saturday, Nov. 16th 2013 at 7:30pm

8225 Pikesville Rd

Pikesville, MD

This is a FREE FOR ALL party with a pro dj and a huge mix and dance party! Requesting is available but we might not have the song you requested).



7:45-Party Mix

Dj Ghost

Dj Ghost is a pro dj and can mix any songs. In this mix, he will mix favorite classics!!


There will be areas where you can just hang out and not party but dj Ghost wants 2 see you on the dance floor. Please no horse playing on the dance floor. No kids under the age of 4 please because there will be a lot of people on the party floor.