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"At the end of each day you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you." Jim Rohn


I am so excited to create a place to share curriculum updates and keep everyone in the know. Hopefully you will find this weekly curriculum update helpful and resourceful. My wish is that if you have questions about curriculum, you can find the answer here. Please look for this newsletter on Mondays each week, with the exception of today.

Have a great holiday weekend, enjoy your extra day of rest!


TEMI- this math screener will be administered only to kinder this fall (if needed, administer to specific 1st graders for SST purposes)
Box of Facts- are ready to be checked out. Send a student down to Room 106 or stop by to pick up yours today.

Nitty Gritty:

  • This counts as your daily problem solving
  • Sept. 8 - Grades K-5 start implementing Exemplars with a focus on the process of Problem Solving
  • The most current Exemplar information can be found on Forethought under Math: Cluster 1: Developing Mathematical Processes or the Exemplars tab.
  • You can choose Exemplars from the instructional task/formative assessment or summative assessment task
  • After the 5 week implementation plan, rubrics can be used informally or formally as a grade
  • On Day 5, you can choose a problem from Exemplars, Lone STAAR, or the district provided problem solving (provided for K-2) to be your formative assessment, if you don't want to create your own
  • Teams will reference their Exemplar Roll-Out Plan document to provide clarity on what each day of problem solving will look like.

The video below titled, "Follow Up With Exemplars Implementation Plan" was sent to coaches, but I think it would bring clarity to teachers as well. I also placed videos for each day of exemplars to build a clear picture of what this can look like in your classroom. If you still have questions or would like to think through this more, please let me know.

Follow up with Exemplars Implementation Plan
Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 1
Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 2
Developing the Mathematical Processes Days 3 4
Developing the Mathematical Processes Day 5


Grammar Talks

"The more I make editing, correcting, and revising activities as regular as breathing in my workshop, the more independent my writers will become. The more I allow my students to be active problem solvers in these processes, the more they will be able to decide what, in fact, they should do." Jeff Anderson
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I am PUMPED to join classrooms and kiddos the week of the 14th to explore Grammar Talks. Forgot to sign-up, click the link below to join the fun!
Grammar Talks: Overview of Curriculum Resources


Science Word Wall Words

Just like math, science words will make most sense for students if they are on an anchor chart or concept map. It is not longer necessary to place these on your linear word wall.

Social Studies

4th and 5th Social Studies Pilot Program

All 4th and 5th grade teachers who teach Social Studies will be off campus for a Pilot Program Curriculum Writing Day September 9th. Make sure to secure a sub for this day and code it as "Curriculum Writing" in Aesop.

District Dates and PD Info

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What I'm Studying

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