The Sunshine State is great!

Florida is a good place to visit!

Florida is a nice place to visit. It has good weather and gets lots sunshine and also has a lot of entertainment choices and great places to eat. It is also famous for Disney Wold, It has four amusement parks and lots of fun to spend time there.
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Here are some other places to visit in Florida!

Hotels in Florida

Florida has great hotels to stay at when you are there. The hotel that I went to had great service as all of the other hotels in Florida have to. At my hotel I went to, they had a service where you can call a golf cart and have it drive you to the pool.
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Universal Studios!

Universal Studios has a lot of entertainment with its fun rides and attractions. The park is divided into two parks. One of the parks has more entertainment than the other and the other has more roller coasters. Over all it is a great entertainment experience.
Universal Studios Florida 2014 Tour and Overview - Universal Orlando Resort HD

The restaurants

Florida also has great restaurants. My favorite is the worlds biggest Hard Rock Cafe. It has great food and tons of things to look at while you're waiting for your food to come. Florida overall has amazing restaurants and eatery s.

The sports teams

In Florida there is a lot of sports teams. The baseball team is the Miami Marlins. They last won a world series in 2003. Also, the football team is the Miami dolphins. They last won the Superbowl in 1973.


“It’s December in Florida, and there are still a few leaves clinging on the branches for dear summer.”― Jarod Kintz

"We ought to be bragging about Florida!"- Rick Scott

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I hope that this flyer has made you think about visiting Florida in the future. I had fun here and if you go, I hope you will too!