Delaying the Cold War

By Emily Bernstein

What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was a long, tense war between the United States and the USSR following World War II. Some war factors delayed the war, and made it longer than it had to.

1. Brinkmanship

Brinkmanship was coming close to war to gain a negotiation position against an opposing country. It avoided direct conflict, and stretched out the amount of time where there was tension between countries. The Cuban Missle crisis is an example of coming close to conflict when the US tried to threaten Russia in order to scare them before anything violent happened.
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2. Iron Curtain

The iron curtain separated eastern and western Europe by government type (Communist vs. Non-Communist. Without the division of government, then there wouldn't be war over it in the first place- there would be no disagreement.
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3. Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was the Southern allies (Viet Cong) vs. South Vietnam (and US). It lasted a long time, lots of people died and and was costly. It ended when the US withdrew, but many resources were lost and the sacrifices made weren't worth the end.
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4. 38th Parallel

The 38th Parallel was a latitude in Asia that split North and South Korea by democracy and on-democracy. The division was supposed to be temporary (for war) but resulted in separation of country with the Cold War.
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5. Containment

Containment was proposed by George Kennan, to prevent the spread of communism. Since there was so much Communism, it was an unrealistic tactic to put so much effort into what was creating conflict.
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6. Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact was a rival alliance. It divided Europe’s “sides” for war. There was already conflict between the two alliances, so the pact just divided them more.
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7. Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was when the US cut off ties with the Soviet Union and placed a blockade on missiles in Cuba. This event avoided the Us’s start to a nuclear war, wasting time wondering what the outcome would be.
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8. Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference was when Churchill, Stalin and and Roosevelt met and decided to punish Germany for war crimes. Stalin broke his promise for free election, and things weren't resolved because of his unhonesty. Plus, there was tension with Germany.
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