WBS AIG Newsletter

March 2013

What's Happening in AIG?


K – 2 Nurturing

The Gifted Specialist is continuing to visit K-2 classrooms, and teach higher level skills to the whole class. K-2 nurturing classes began in November, and at that time the “HOT Seats” were given to each classroom. Please refer to the wikispace for more information on the nurturing program.

Take Home Projects were given to Kindergarten and 1st grade students. These projects correlate with the PETS Program. The projects are optional assignments.

WBS Chess Club began in January for selected 2nd and 3rd grade students. This club takes place from 8:30-9:15 every Friday. If you would like to volunteer your time, please let Mrs. Kochakji know.

3rd Grade

The Gifted Specialist is now working with small groups of 3rd graders in Reading and Math. In addition to pull-out, the teachers and the GES collaborate to enrich and extend the learning for the entire classroom.

3rd Grade AIG students should now be logged on to EDMODO.

4th Grade

Reading ~ Wow, what a seminar we had using the popular Bob Dylan song ~ Times Are A Changin'. The students were really involved and sparked some interesting comments and questions!

AIG students are now reading The Watson's Go to Birmingham. On the WIKI, you will find a reading guide. There will be a book project due on this book. The project will be DUE the week of March 18-21. Please have your child send in his project no later than Thursday, March 21st.

Math ~ The GES works with the students through push-in and pull-out.

5th Grade

Reading ~ The GES is working closely with the reading teacher during the Culture Project. Pull-out and push-in are taking place in 5th grade reading.

Math ~ Students are continuing to practice Algebraic Expressions. They were also introduced to Line Plots, and have an assignment to create a personal line plot.....collecting data on something that is meaningful to them.

AIG Enrichment Academies have been a great success so far this year! The students have selectively participated in a Global Read Aloud, Origami, Stock Market Academy, Public Speaking, Fossils, Poetry with Mrs. Hewitt, and Debate with Mr. Ebelherr. Since the academies in February were just offered to 5th graders, March academies will be devoted to our 4th graders. The upcoming academies are Creative Writing with Mrs. Colvin, and Miniature Tree House Project.

For the Miniature Tree House Project, students will be designing their own DREAM Tree House. For this project, students will need various supplies:

Interesting branches (we started out on a walk in the woods)
Popsicle sticks
Random bits of wood
(they sell bags of assorted wood pieces at Michael's Crafts)
Tongue depressors
Larger log or scrap wood for a base*
Drill (I will supply the drill).
Wood glue
Hot glue and hot glue guns
Small toys and figures

Is there anyone that can facilitate a Photography Academy?

If you would like to volunteer to assist with an Academy, please let me know.katherine.kochakji@nhcs.net

Save the Frogs

Save the Date

AIG Students will be embarking into the Study of Frogs for Save the Frog Day on April 27th. AIG student volunteers are requested to help run the Save the Frog Booth at the Science Festival on Friday, April 19th from 5-8pm. They do not have to stay the whole time, but I will need several to come in shifts.


Each AIG student will be asked to choose from the following activities:

Save the Frog Art Contest

Save the Frog Poetry Contest

Save the Frog Poster Creation

This will be an activity that they will be completing at home.