Eleutherophobia-The Fear of Freedom

Created by Destini Bravo-Greene


When a person is use to being in a certain position for a long period of time and then suddently gets to choose there own destiny and how to live end up suffering from the fear of freedom. Also some suffer from this phobia due to gentetic,heredity,brain chemistry and life experiances.


*Suspicion or mistrust of others

*Nausea at the thoughts of freedom

*Social anxiety

*Difficulty in breething along with weeping

*Dry mouth


*Inability to articulate words or sentences


*The main cure is to make sure that the person suffering from Eleutherophibia understands what the meaning of freedom means and the understanding of laws that invole freedoms.


*Engergy Psychology-Yoga,Tai-chi,Qi-Gong,Prana, and along with enery medication

*There are certain medications a person could take but they do not cure the phobia just surpress it.


-Some say that the fear of freedom dates back to the time of Mosses when slaves were freed and some wished to be back in slavery of the Egyptians.

-Slaves and people in captive for long term suffer from Eleutherophobia