RCS Re-Entry Planning

Re-Engage, Re-Connect, Re-Ignite!

RCS is Proactive!

RCS is being proactive and we have established a Re-Entry Team to think about all the aspects and anticipate re-engaging and re-entry strategies to close out and re-open the school year. Our Re-Entry team is working diligently on safety protocols, social emotional supports for students and staff, school operations, employee considerations, learning strategies, and parent engagement/stakeholder involvement. Our goal is to think about what the students and staff of RCS need as we close and re-open our new school year. As we think about re-engaging, we want to re-connect and re-ignite by developing a proactive plan to meet the academic and social emotional needs for our students and staff! Please see the RCS Re-Entry Planning Introduction!
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COVID-19 North Carolina Plan

Governor Cooper developed a three phase plan for North Carolina. Click Here for the three phase plan.

Effective 5 p.m. Friday, May 8, 2020, North Carolina has moved into Phase 1 of the plan. The Stay at Home Order remains in place with some modifications.

The Phase 1 executive order remains in effect until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 22. The end of the order, however, does not necessarily mean the state will move to Phase 2. According to our North Carolina leaders, Phase 2 will only start if data and indicators remain stable.

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"The best time for new beginnings is now!"

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SAFE@RCS! Safe to School. Safe to Home.

RCS has developed a strategic plan for Re-Entry Planning as we think about closing out the school year, re-engaging, re-connecting, and re-igniting a new school year! Please view our RCS Re-Entry Strategic Goals and Objectives located here!
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RCS Re-Entry Work Group Teams

The RCS Re-Entry Team has workgroups to help structure our re-entry plans! The picture above details all of the work group areas which include: safety, school operations, social-emotional supports, learning strategies, athletic and extracurricular supports, communication, parent engagement, and community stakeholders. We would also like to recognize our work group committee members and leads. Please see the Re-Entry Planning Workgroup membership chart!
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Please complete this RCS Re-Entry Staff Survey by May 22, 2020!

We need your feedback! Please complete this survey by May 22, 2020 so that we can get your feedback! Please click here to complete the RCS Re-Entry Survey!

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Phase 1: COVID-19 RCS Re-Entry Safety Protocol Procedures

First and foremost, Rockingham County Schools cares for the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community. Our goal is to ensure that we maintain safety to the greatest extent possible. This is an unprecedented time in education and we are all navigating uncharted waters. As of April 30, 2020 the State Board of Education has approved an extension of COVID-19 Leave. While we have essential employees who will be needed to report to work to take care of essential school operations, RCS wants to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees is first and foremost. Therefore, the following safety procedures have been developed by the RCS District Crisis Safety Re-Entry Planning Team for employees who are considered essential employees and any employees that need to enter the buildings during this time. This guidance document sets forth the expectation for school employees and supervisors as essential employees return to work during this time.

Please view the Phase 1: COVID-19 RCS Re-Entry Safety Protocol Procedures here! All staff will receive training during the week of May 18th from your school nurse! Thank you RCS Nurses for helping to train everyone on our Phase 1 Protocols! As we move through different phases of COVID-19 re-entry, we will be work hard to develop updated protocols!

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RCS Resources

Check Out our RCS Behavioral Health, COVID-19, and Social Emotional Resource Google Site for families and staff! This site has social emotional resources, COVID-19 Updates, and additional supports for our staff and students! Thank you for all you do!

RCS Re-Entry Planning Team

Thank you for all who are serving on the RCS Re-Entry Planning Team! We also thank the many staff that will also serve on subcommittees of this team as well and will provide input as we move forward!

  • Stephanie L. Ellis, Ed.D, NCPS (Chair of Re-Entry Team), Executive Director of Behavioral Health, Crisis Intervention, and Student Safety
  • Rodney Shotwell. Ed.D., Superintendent
  • Leslie Coleman, Principal, Williamsburg Elementary
  • Mary Ann Mitchell, Principal at Reidsville High School
  • Sonja Parks, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Logistics
  • Duane Hensley, Director of Transportation
  • E.C. Stophel, Director of Maintenance
  • Deirdre Moyer, Ph.D., Student and Family Health Education and Engagement Coordinator
  • Amanda Perkins, Lead School Nurse
  • Cathy DeMason, Director of Student Health Centers
  • Cindy Corcoran, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services
  • Andrea Barker, RCS Head Start Assistant Director
  • Clara Haynes, RCS Head Start Health/Safety/Mental Health Manager
  • Casey Davis, Assistant Principal at Leaksville Spray Elementary
  • Moriah Dollarhite, Principal, Rockingham County Middle School
  • Josh Eanes, Principal, Bethany Elementary
  • Erselle Young, Director of Child Nutrition
  • Jane Frazier, Principal, Central Elementary
  • Tia Scales, Assistant Principal, Morehead High School
  • Annette Galloway, Head Start Education Manager
  • Michele Cheek, RCS Head Start Family Service Manager
  • Angela Martin, Beginning Teacher Coordinator
  • Holly Williamson, Ed.D., Director of Support Programs
  • Christy Bailey, Principal, Dillard Academy
  • R. Felicia Jumper, Director of Head Start
  • Sherry Broadnax, Head Start Lead Teacher
  • Pam Watkins, Ed.D, Director of Exceptional Children
  • Kasie Pruitt, Principal of Stoneville Elementary
  • Ryan Moody, Principal, Morehead High School
  • Gregg Slate, Ed.D., Director of Secondary Schools
  • Charles Perkins, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Jason Hyler, Director of Testing and Accountability
  • Elizabeth Covell, Director of Digital Learning and Media
  • Nancy Towler, Director of Instructional Programs
  • Alyssa Slater, Lead Teacher
  • Laura Carter, Principal, Leaksville Spray Elementary
  • Jonathan Craig, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Annie Ellis, Chief Financial Officer
  • Wendy Barnes, Payroll Supervisor
  • Erica Blackwell, Principal, Reidsville Middle School
  • Toi Hairston, Accounting Manager
  • Matthew Hunter Smothers, Principal, South End Elementary
  • Gary Pyrtle, Principal, Huntsville Elementary
  • Karen Hyler, Public Information Officer

Rockingham County Schools

Thank you for viewing our Re-Entry Team Newsletter! We plan to provide these updates for you so that can re-engage, re-connect, and re-ignite as we plan for Re-Entry in RCS!