Veterans Day Virtual Celebration

Thank you Corona High staff and families for your service!

Corona High School Panthers & Family In the Military

As proud Panthers we want to thank our staff members and their families for their service to our country in the military. Listed below are members of our staff and their family members that have served! On behalf of all Panthers, "Thank you!"

Panthers & Family In The Military

Ms. Santos - CHS Counselor

Ms. Santos has family members that served in the military. Her husband (Damon), brother (John), and nephew (Andrew) have served proudly. Mr. Santos served as a corpsman in the Marines. He supported marines during action in Beirut Lebanon. Her brother John also served in the Marines during the Vietnam War. Ms. Santos nephew Andrew currently serves as a Navy Corpsman and is stationed in Guam. Thank you to Ms. Santos family for their service.

Mr. Zinn (First Sergeant Zinn) - NJROTC Teacher

First Sergeant Zinn served 20 Years in the United States Marine Corps. He served from 1980 to 2000.He deployed overseas 10 out of 20 years of service that included a Med/Float, Okinawa Japan for 6 years. First Sergeant Zinn deployed to Cuba, and several European regions, and Asia. He retired as an (E-8) First Sergeant out of the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton as a Company Advisor. He worked numerous jobs in the Marines as an Instructor for Combat Arms, Leadership, and Advanced Leadership. First Sergeant Zinn's father Fred Zinn served in WWII in the Army and served in Europe for 2 years. Upon successful service he returned to the US and eventually became the Chief of Police were in Webster Groves Missouri. First Sergeant Zinn says his father is his hero! Thank you First Sergeant Zinn and your family for your service!

Mr. Dale (Captain Dale) - NJROTC Teacher

Captain Dale started his career as a Marine Corps Officer and Helicopter Pilot. Six years into his career he transferred over to the Navy and spent the remainder of his career there as a Helicopter Pilot as well. Captain Dale accumulated over 4000 hours of flight time and retired after more than 26 years of service with the rank of Navy Captain. He deployed to the Persian Gulf 4 times and was part of Pre -Desert Storm, Desert Storm, and Post Desert Storm. Captain Dale's father, Bob Dale served in the Korean War. His sons Bob Dale II and Jeffrey Jr. served and saw combat as Infantry Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jeffrey Jr. is still serving today on active duty and has been deployed 5 times in the past 10 years. Thank you Captain Dale and your family for your service!

Ms. Hertzske - English Teacher

Ms. Hertzske served as a Radioman in the Coast Guard. She was designated with a Top Secret Security Clearance to send and receive Morse Code. Ms. Hertzske also sent and received radio transmissions over VHF and HF radio, including SOS distress signals, with ships and aircraft. She was recognized as a high speed Morse Code sender/receiver. She was part of the first group of 10 females to serve underway on the USCGC Sherman, a high speed endurance cutter with an ice-breaking hull. They patrolled fisheries, leaving their homeport in Alameda, California, and traveling to Alaska's Aleutian Chain of Islands. This patrol took them to the borders of US/Japanese and US/Russian waters. Ms. Hertzske also served at the Coast Guard Radio Station Honolulu, which was part of the Naval Communications Area Master Station of the Eastern Pacific, in Oahu and Hawaii. That is where she met her husband. In addition to her service, Ms. Hertzske' s husband, US Coast Guard, Father/Brother/Uncle US Navy, and Great Grandmother, Civil War/Union side served their country proudly. Her family has supported and served the USA in every battle since the American Revolution. Her great-grandmother served in the battlefields of the Civil War on the Union side rolling and folding bandages from cotton muslin for the wounded. Thank you to Ms. Hertzske and her family for their service!

Ms. Beyersdorf - Math Teacher

Ms. Beyersdorf' s father, Mitchell (Mickey) R. Faus served in the Airforce. He graduated from Corona High School in 1968 and soon afterwards joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Okinawa and was trained to work on the radio systems in airplanes. After he left the Air Force, his training in electronics helped him get a job as a lineman with the phone company. He loved his country and taught his children to be appreciative of those who serve and protect our freedoms. Thank you Mr. Faus for your service!

Ms.Bogner - Health Teacher

Ms. Bogner's husband Tom served in the Navy and Army. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1983 and served the first part of his career on the U.S.S. Simon Lake for the first half of his 6-year career. For the remainder of his Navy career, he served on the U.S.S. Antietam; a Guided Missile Cruiser as a Damage Control man and on the Helicopter Crash and Rescue team during the Gulf War. In 1989, he decided to separate from the Navy and was recruited by the Army to serve as a Ammunition Specialist. He spent 4 years serving and was active during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He was set to deploy to Iraq on March 1, 1991 but the war ended on February 28th, and they terminated his deployment. He spent 2 more years serving in the Army, then decided to pursue a civilian career. One of his biggest regrets is not staying in and retiring from the Military; he loved it. He is thankful for all of the experiences that he had that have served him well in his subsequent careers. Thank you Mr. Bogner for your service.

Ms. Southward - Social Studies

Ms. Southward's father Dennis Gunnerson served in the U.S. Air Force from 1966-1970. He was assigned to Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas for basic training. Later he went to Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas for technical training. Eventually, he was stationed in Japan for 2 years as a baggage handler and customer service representative. Dennis was honored with the the title of Airman of the Year in 1968. During the year he was Airman of the Year, he was able to visit countries around the world such as Germany, Spain, India and the Philippines. Dennis was honorably discharged in 1970 from Norton Air Force Base with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Thank you Mr. Gunnerson for your service!

Mr. Johnson - STEM & Math Teacher

Mr. Johnson served in the Airforce. His father served in the Navy and his son Andrew currently serves in the Airforce. Mr. Johnson joined the Air Force in 1996 to become an aircraft electro/environmental specialist. Upon completing basic training and tech school, he was stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha Nebraska. In Nebraska, he had the honor of working on a variety of reconnaissance 135's called the Cobra Ball, the Cobra Eye, and the Combat Scent. After three years in Nebraska, Mr. Johnson was reassigned to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. He had the honor of working on the A-3 AWACS aircraft called the Sentry. This aircraft has the large disk on it and serves as a flying command post. The importance of this aircraft became apparent after September 11th. A few months after September 11, he was deployed to the Middle East to support the war in Afghanistan. The AWACS was required to be in the air 24/7, and Mr. Johnson was required to launch, recover, and repair the aircraft. At that time, he held the rank of Staff Sergeant and was a 7-level electro/environmental specialist. Ultimately, Mr. Johnson was the last one to sign off maintenance indicating the aircraft was safe for flight. He ended his eight year career having a great experience of stress, responsibility, and espirit de corps. Mr. Johnson is honored to have served his country during the 2nd Gulf War. Mr. Johnson's son, Andrew, joined the Air Force six years ago after high school. Currently he is a crew chief for the F-22 Raptor and holds the rank of Staff Sargent. After basic training and tech school, he was stationed at Langley AFB in Virginia. Since his time in the Air Force, Andrew has been deployed to United Arab Emirates and England. He is currently stationed overseas in Turkey and has been there for the past year and a half. He will return stateside in six months when he will be stationed at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. He has enjoyed travelling the world and has almost earned his Bachelor Degree in Nutrition. Thank you Mr. Johnson and your family for your service.

Ms. Tran - Counselor

Ms. Tran's husband James Tran served in the Army. He was stationed in Texas and was a crew member on the M1A2 Abrams tank. His rank was a specialist and was deployed during Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East.

Ms. Rhodes - Clerk Typist

Ms. Rhodes has a Father-in-law, Sister-in-law, Niece, and 3 Nephews that have served in the military. The military members of Ms. Rhodes family areThomas Rhodes, Margaret Rhodes, Morgan Rhodes: Air Force; Tommy Werksy: Army, Travis Werksy: Army Reserve, and Joshua King: Marine Corps. Thomas Rhodes (Ret.) was a Staff Sgt USAF, and was deployed in France. Margaret Rhodes (Ret.) was a Master Sgt. in the USAF deployed in Korea, Italy, and Croatia. Master Sgt. Morgan Rhodes in the USAF, deployments in Iraq, Qatar, and Kyrgyzstan; Joshua King Corporal USMC, deployed in the Middle East; Tommy Werksy Staff Sgt. US Army. He rotated with Operation Atlantic Resolve (Europe). Travis Wersky is a Sgt. in the US Army Reserve. Thank you to Ms. Rhodes family for their service.

Mr. Sanchez - Principal

Mr. Sanchez's father, the late Jesus Sanchez, served in the US Air Force in World War II. He arrived in Germany in October of 1945 when World War II was over. He was deployed to Poland to assist in liberating concentration camps.
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