Rome, Italy

Mayte Roman P.5

Why go to Rome?

Rome has a huge coliseum. The Colosseum is located in the center of the Ancient City. There could be 50,000 taken seats on special events like Games and other Public Battles.


As you get there, you can take a flight of 14 hours and 45 minutes. This flight has 2 stops, the first stop is in Detroit, Michigan. The second one is in Paris, France and lastly to your destination Rome, Italy. This flight will cost 1,888 euros per person ($2,600.31).


Eurostars International Palace Hotel

A good Hotel I would choose is, Eurostars International Palace Hotel. This would be a good choice because it provides so many useful things. You can just pay 957.74 Euros ($1,321.02) for a perfect hotel room. You can also even add delicious chocolates to your room, and eat breakfast in there too!! The best part is there is a TV and Wi-Fi!!!


Museo Carlo Bilotti

Going to a museum would be great. A museum is always great because, its always good to look at old, ancient things. This would Cost:

Activity 2:



Activity 3:




Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?