Gwinnett is Great;Success lives here. ( Gwinnett County Gov)

This is my home- Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County is one the most diverse counties in Georgia. It is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. It has a population of 859,304 making it more populous than the City of Atlanta. Gwinnett County is committed to civic, commercial, and infrastructure developments as we can see in the expansion of I-85 ( GA's Peach pass), numerous shopping malls ( Mall of GA - biggest in Georgia), Gwinnett Arena ( huge arena where celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, and many more celebrities have performed before), Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Quicktrip, Primerica, NCR, and Rockwell Collins. These companies either are locally grown business or multinational conglomerate having headquarter in this county. My family moved here to work here in 2007 from NYC for this particular reason.

Although our county as well as other surrounding counties have voted against MARTA for several decades.... There are still a few people in support.

A staggering 63% of the population voted against the expansion of MARTA in 2008 during a ballot (Sapporta). Since the Republican Party controls the majority of the northern suburbs of Atlanta, MARTA was not able to expand beyond its original destinations. Most of the Democrats in the county were in favor of expanding MARTA.


One particular reason, according to Gwinnett County Commission Lillian Webb is crime(NY Times). Lillian Webb says, "Without being obvious, people say that ease of transportation would bring in 'the undesirables"(NY Times).


CBS_Man Wanted for Several MARTA Bus Stop Robberies
CBS_Robbery Near Marta Station
Shawty Lo ft D4L - Bankhead

Experts noted that ( more details will be found in my essay for Paper 2)

1) Mass transit systems are breeding grounds for criminal activities as conducted by a study by experts who noted, “presence of a transit station often affects the relative danger in the immediate area” (Block 138). Criminals know that these places are filled with passengers who are not on guard since they know they are going to work, school, or other activities are in the minds of the riders. MARTA “ are transitional breaks in transportation, where standing around is not a suspicious activity… transit stops are easy to enter and exit. Potential target usually lives some distance from transit stop, and are not always familiar with the surrounding area, and are unlikely to have previously met the potential offenders”(Block 138).

2) Professor Liqun Cao of Sociology from the University of Cincinnati wrote in his book Criminology Theories that “areas… with high rates of transportation usage find more people in public places, thereby increasing the opportunity for a crime to occur” (Cao and Maume 15).

Most of metro Atlanta is undeveloped in terms of public transportations

There are no current bus stations, rail station, or any rail tracks throughout the county. If MARTA was to expand here, we have to encroach onto many sparse places, remove national historical sites, and disrupt waterways. Gwinnett County has tried to keep its county very clean by creating special agencies such as "Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful" to carefully maintain the parks and roadways.

If you ride any color lines of MARTA either into Atlanta or out, you will notice how people desecrate every single transit station with graffiti and trash. MARTA riders from other counties do not care if they blighted other places with their filth. Many of you guys would never spit your bubble gum in your own bedroom. Yet, if it is a random street in Atlanta, you may not hesitate to spit the gum onto the sidewalk once you finished chewing the bubble gum. Littering in foreign places follows the same logic.

Gwinnettian have a sense of duty to preserve their community to make it livable for their children as you see how the government has created agencies and how some citizens volunteer to clean up in their neighborhood. If MARTA was to expand into Gwinnett, we will have more trash to clean up.

MARTA will definitely have a negative impact on our ENVIRONMENT.

Taxations or is it corruptions?

If MARTA construction is to start today, it will cost around $4 billion dollars, and it may not be fully accessible until 2040. Camie Young, a writer for the Gwinnett Daily Post, did a research on MARTA and she noted, “Projects like these are rife with potentials for corruption by the ability to hand out money to political cronies "(Camie Young).

Gwinnett has already spent millions of dollars on road expansions. There is no need to build rail tracks and stations out of scratch. A $4 billion dollar investment is expensive, and is implausible to get your investment worth. The state of Georgia has only 9 million people. New York metropolitan area has 20 million people. The idea of spending billions of dollars for the needs of just Gwinnett citizens sounds foolish and flimsy. Even if the entire GA populations ride MARTA ( there's no way), it is no match to those found in Los Angeles and New York.

Since MARTA is controlled by the City of Atlanta, taxpayers will be seeing their money flowing down to the unknown bureaucrats in Atlanta.

Corruptions are rampant in Atlanta. Here are just a few.

Former Major Bill Cambell was sentenced to prison for bribery and racketing.

Chief of Police William L. Hart also stole $1.3 million dollars and was also indicted and sentenced to prison.

The schools in DeKalb County (Atlanta’s county) also lost its accreditations for their cheating scandals and corrupt school officials.

Who will be there to insure this billion dollar project will be free of corruption? How do we know that the tax payers money use to fund MARTA will be used to pay for MARTA and not the schools, social safety nets, or other projects in Atlanta?

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