Physical Properties location and Movement

Mercury Physical Features

Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. This planet is the second denes planet . Each cubic centimetre has a density of 5.4 grams. Mercury is made of mainly metals and rocks. Mercury has wrinkles named Lobate Scarps, the wrinkles can a lot of miles high and hundreds of miles long. NASA believes that the solid iron core melted. The surface of Mercury is 427°C. On the opposite side it can get as low as-173°C. The reason for that is Mercury doesn't have a atmosphere to regulate the temperature. Mercury is the most crated planet meaning have a lot of holes because of asteroids and comets


What Is Mercury?

Mercury's orbital Characteristicts

Mercury goes around the sun in 88 earth days. That means it is traveling through space nearly at 112,000 mph, that is faster than any other planet.If one person stood on Mercury when it is as close to the sun you would be abled to see it more than three times. Before the sun travels westward the sun appears to rise briefly, set, and rise again. At sunset, the sun appears to set, rise again briefly, and then set again.

Composition & structure

    • Atmospheric composition

      Mercury has no atmosphere is possesses an exosphere, it contain 42% of oxygen and 29% sodium. It also contains 22 percent hydrogen, 6 percent helium, 0.5 percent potassium. My research says mercury can have possible trace amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, xenon, krypton and neon.

      Magnetic field

      Mercury's magnetic field is roughly 1 percent the strength of Earth's.

      Internal structure

      Mercury's iron core is roughly 2,200-2.400 miles wide. The outer silicate shell is about 300-400 miles thick.

Entresting facts

  • Only 2 spacecrafts have ever visited mercury

  • During 1974 and 1975 Mariner 10 flew by Mercury three times
  • Mercury orbits so close to the sun we can only see it either before sunrise or before sunset. Mercury is between the sun and Venus.It is 58 million km from sun and 108 millions km from Venus.On March 17, 201, MESSENGER became the first spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury.