WSA Randall Weekly Newsletter

October 1, 2021

Parent Spotlight

Thank you to all of you who donated soft drinks to celebrate the end of September! Our teachers were greeted by this amazing stocked fridge this morning and LOVED it!! We are so grateful for the support and encouragement!

Dates to Remember

October 13: 5th Grade Run

October 20: PTSO Meeting

October 22: Fall Dance! Stay tuned for more info!

November 3: Picture Make Up Day

Blessings in a Backpack

Thank you to all of you helping with this program at Randall STEM. Students who have not opted out will receive a package each Friday. Click here and complete the form if you are receiving packages and wish to opt out.

Snacks Wanted!

Our supply of extra snacks for students has been depleted! If you would like to donate individually wrapped, peanut & nut free snacks for students who don't have snacks at snacktimes, you can drop them at the blue bench in the lobby. Thanks for considering!

Lost and Found Reminder

Items that are not labeled with a student's name are placed on the yellow cart inside door #1. These items are held for one week and then donated.

No iPads on Playground

Remember to keep iPads safely put away before school in the morning! The risk of breakage outside is too great. Thank you!

MAP Assessments

Students will be participating in MAP testing between September 20th and October 8th. Your student's teacher will be notifying you of the dates and times for his/her class.

PTSO Fall Fundraiser for the new STEM Playground

Due to a storm in 2019 STEM lost a part of the playground and haven't been able to replace it. The whole playground could use an update and PTSO needs everyone's help.

Coming home soon with your child will be a blank calendar - the goal is to sell the days.

Each day is priced for the number of the day (Example: the 5th will be sold for $5)

Watch your child's folder for more details and blank calendars.

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Missed Something?

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Randall Campus (K-5)

REPORT ALL STUDENT ABSENCES USING THE SAFE ARRIVAL SYSTEM. If the absence is COVID-19 related, please contact the school office.