Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

April 25-29, 2016

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Our Class

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, we finished reading Tuck Everlasting and started our Poetry Portfolios in Writers' Workshop. We finished Tuck Everlasting on Thursday. On Tuesday, we will watch the movie Tuck Everlasting. Then we will start working on a compare/contrast essay. On Thursday, we also started writing some of our poems. We could either write a Cinquain poem or Diamante poem. Another poem that was mandatory for us to write was a haiku. We will continue to work on our poetry portfolio through next week. We really like poetry and look forward to it next week.

By Greta & Katie


This week in Science, we started learning about more of the different systems: digestive and excretory. On Monday, we did a project with iodine and crackers. We put a few drops of iodine on a plain cracker and observed it. Then, we tried to chew a cracker, spit it out, and put iodine on it to see what happened. We learned that digestion starts in the mouth and that our saliva starts breaking down starches into sugars. After that project, Mrs. Reuter created a 3D diagram of our digestive system, including the mouth (sandwich bag) to chew the food, the stomach (quart bag) to digest it, the intestines (pantyhose) to absorb water and nutrients, and the rectum/anus (small cup with a slit) to dispose of solid waste. On Wednesday, we learned more about the excretory system. We learned what the kidneys do to clean our blood, and how the rest of the urinary system eliminates liquid waste. We also started a project with a partner and we each choose a different body system to explain. We will either be creating a poster, iMovie, or Keynote. We will continue working on this project next week on Monday.

By Diane & Maya

Social Studies

Social Studies this week was fun! On Tuesday, we took our Bill of Rights Quiz. It was 15 questions and 2 points for extra credit. A lot of people got 17/15! The extra credit was very hard! (Not) You had to pick the most important amendment to you and explain why. Also on Tuesday, we did a question strip on ratifying the Constitution. Two days later, on Thursday, we did another question strip. Like Tuesday, we read a couple of pages in our textbooks. From the information in the textbook, we answered 7 questions on Washington as president. We learned a lot! Finally, we did an activity on Washington DC. First, we picked three historical sites in Washington DC, then we used a really cool app called Sphere to virtually visit those places. We also had to describe the sites and explain why we would want to visit there. Last, we had to use Maps to explain how to get from one site to another. Social Studies this week was fun!

By Nick & Matt

Design Thinking

This week in Design Thinking we had many important events. On the days before Open House, all the groups were working very hard to make sure all of the small details were ready for Thursday. Some people even worked during study hall and recess! We were all ready for Open House. At the end of the day on Thursday, one to two people from each group helped to set up in the gym. The garden group had a lot of set-up work to do, getting all 100 plants from upstairs to the gym. At Open House, we had to stay from 5-7pm and it was long. The groups handed out flyers, plants, food, and more. All of the groups made a board to show their work. All of the parents enjoyed all the projects and everybody learned something new at Open House. Hopefully all of our ideas will help lessen childhood obesity!

By Abby & Rand


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week in Art, we made circles and lines. It was basically a free-form drawing class. We were learning about a famous artist, Kandinsky, whose art contains random lines and circles. There were also some paint to do if you were finished with the drawing portion. You would just paint over the circles and lines. There was also a variety of colors to paint with. There were lots of interesting designs that were painted by different people. We had lots of fun in Art this week!

By Ethan F.

Music with Mrs. Kim (Mr. Mac)

During Music this week, we finished the ukulele test. Good job to all those who took the test! After that, we had a debate on which song we should use for our music videos. For the girls, they chose the song "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift. For the boys, they chose the song "Me Myself & I". After that, we planned out the music videos and what choreography we would be doing. Many of us created our own dance moves to dance with the song. It was fun! Then we also had a recess. A recess is when we have a plan so we have a few minutes to tell it to each other. We had a fun week of music!

By Jessica & Morgan

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

In PE this week, we had free choice. We were with Mrs. Davis this week, and she let us have a free choice. On Tuesday, we played Medic. Medic is like dodgeball, but with a medic that can get people back in. We played one round of Medic, and afterwards we played basketball and volleyball. On Thursday, we played regular dodgeball. It was pretty fun, and we got a good exercise. Also, we learned about nutrition and how nutrition is good for you. We did this in the beginning of every class this week. Overall in PE this week, we burned a lot of calories!

By Tu & Ethan H.


FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in FIERCE, we made FIERCE Recipes. Jaina did a FIERCE Fillet. Tejal did a secret dish that no one except her knows about. She will not bring it to class, but Jaina will bring hers into class. We worked very hard on our FIERCE recipe books. Ms. Johnson also made us an expectation chart for the recipe books, so that we can stay on track for our project. We aren't going to have a class next week because we have standardized testing. This week was really fun!!!

By Tejal and Jaina

Spanish with Señorita Webb

We had Spanish on Monday and Wednesday. We learned about weather. At the beginning of class, we circled up around the carpet and warmed up playing a game called "Swish". You play the game by having one person in the middle, and that person has to choose someone. The person that got chosen has to sit down and ask a question. The people to the sides of him have to make a bridge and answer his or her question. Then, the game repeats. After the game, Señorita Webb said, "Una silla is a chair." Whenever she says that, we have to repeat it and go sit down at our desks. When the whole class was sitting down, she said that we were going to do a project. That project was the last project of the year and it is about weather. Since we didn't have time to work on the project that class, Mrs. Reuter let us do it during our Language Arts block. The whole class thought that it was a really nice and FIERCE for Mrs. Reuter to do that. Since Greta and Amanda have already finished the assigned packet, they have been working on translating a book. They finished translating the book on Wednesday. They also made an iMovie about the book and we watched it in class. It was pretty cool.

By Rod & Amanda

Coming Up Next

Next week, in Language Arts, the students will watch the movie Tuck Everlasting as a class, and the students will be writing a compare/contrast essay. Each student will be comparing and contrasting a specific character's similarities and differences between the film and novel. We will also be continuing to work on our Poetry Portfolios. The students will be completing the majority of their poems in class and will be submitting all work through the SeeSaw app. In Social Studies, we will be discussing the Louisiana Purchase and the important impact it had on the growth of the United States. We will also analyze some primary source related to the acquistiion of the new territory and analyze the different perspectives of the Louisiana Purchase. In Science, we will be finishing our human body systems project. The students will be presenting their projects to the class on Wednesday. Then on Friday, we will be creating Guts Shirts, so each student will need to bring in a white t-shirt. Please also remember that we have standardized testing next week.

Mrs. Reuter

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