Scrooge Meets Santa

By: Rhett & Kye

The Night Before

All was silent in good old Mr.Scrooges house, until a man with a big beard came barging down his chimney with a large sack. Scrooge always hated Santa because of his big beard and his red hat, so on Christmas Eve night, Santa gave Scrooge a lot of presents. Scrooge, who was mad that a man had broken into his house, ran downstairs. Scrooge, running towards his chimney, tripped and fell. Every thing went black. He woke up, Santa was gone. He missed his opportunity yet again. He has never been able to catch Santa in the action,and he was really intending to this year, and he was really mad. Just then, there was a sudden movement outside. Scrooge thought that he was hallucinating, after just being knocked out. Trying to make out what just happened, Scrooge decides to go back upstairs and get some sleep. When Scrooge woke back up, he went downstairs to make some tea and open his presents that Santa brought him. When he picked one up he found that they were extremely heavy, and when he opened them up the only thing he got was a big lump of coal.
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