February Newsletter

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Welcome to the Tech and Teach monthly newsletter! In this post you'll find some tips, thoughts, freebies, and more each month. Thanks for joining me!

Spring is upcoming! With it comes (hopefully) warmer weather, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and (unfortunately) state testing. This month on the blog I'll be sharing my thoughts on testing and I invite you to join me as well! With March on the horizon I'd thought I'd share some of my March/St. Patrick's Day resources with you.

*JSYK I'll be rebranding myself this summer to feature more of who I am and what I do.

February Newsletter Follower Freebie!!

As a special thanks for following me, I've created this simple weekly planner. It's colorful and has spaces for you to jot down all you're doing each week in all areas of your life. Grab it HERE. (also included in blackline)

New and Upcoming!

I've got some new resources in the works. Check it out:

- DASH (Digital Assessment of Skills Honed): These will be simple to use digital math skills reviews for the upcoming test season. My first one, Fraction DASH will be up and running by the end of the week. It focuses on third grade math skills, CCSS, and the Eureka math scope and sequence.

- Interactive Phonics Notebook: This printable resource will allow for practice of various phonics skills.

- Interactive Grammar/Writing Notebook: Also printable, focusing on practice of CCSS language and writing skills.

Tech Tips!

I love anything that helps me save time. I am all about keyboard shortcuts. I used them all the time. It's pretty much second nature. Here are a few of my faves:

- select highlight all text on page: CTRL+A

- copy highlighted text: CTRL+C

- paste copied text: CTRL+V

- Cut and copy highlighted text: CTRL+X

You can find my wall art for the CTRL shortcuts fro Chromebooks HERE for free.


Use CTRL+A to select all, and then CTRL+G to group everything into one.

Made a mistake (or two or three)? Use CTRL+Z to UNDO it! CTRL+Y will redo it!

When browsing the Internet, pressing the SPACEBAR moves the scrollbar down a page

CTRL+P will open the print preview of the page/doc/item you are currently viewing.

*if you are on a Mac, use CMD instead of CTRL

Teachers to Follow

You should definitely check out these teachers on social media! They are so inspirational every day!


@mrsbfirstgrade (Sarah Barnett - wonderful ideas for 1:1 iPad integration and much more!)

@luvmykinders (Laura - Kinder teacher with such helpful IG Stories and fabulous ideas!)

@ShakeUpLearning (Kasey Bell - great tech ideas from this Google Certified Innovator)

@GTeacherTribe (Google Teacher Tribe - fabulous practical ideas for all things Google)

About Me

Thanks for following! I'm Jessica-just a teacher, mother, creator, baker, geek, and lover of all things Disney. I hope I can inspire you with some new ideas!