March 1, 2022

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A Note From Assistant Principal Booker’s Desk

Our word for the month of March is motivation. Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is used to describe why a person does something. What motivates you to do the things that you do? What motivates your child(ren)?

There are two basic types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. When one is intrinsically motivated, one has an inner drive that propels them to engage in a task. A person that is extrinsically motivated pursues a task for external rewards or to avoid punishment. I asked my daughter, “Why do you go to school? She stated, "I want to get a great education and have fun while I do it. In the end, I hope to live a better life.” I chuckled, she gave me an intrinsic and extrinsic response.

She gave me what I believe most of us are motivated by, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

For the month of March, please talk to your child(ren) about what motivates them to come to school, read, engage in sports, have good behavior, or work hard. We want all of our Blue Jays to be motivated to do great things now and in the near future, but it all starts with motivation.

“Every Day Is A Chance To Be Better”

Mrs. Booker

Assistant Principal

Instructional Strategies For Families

Most people often wonder why math has changed in our schools, in this article you will discover that math hasn't really change but rather the way we think about math has expired. In this short article you will discover 13 mathematical rule that have expired and the reason behind their expiration.

Open House for Prospective Families new date

We are having to postpone our flex zone open house to March 8th from 6-7pm.

Reminder: This open house is for families who are thinking about coming to ACE next year, and NOT for our current families.

Help us get the word out! We will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday March 8 from 6-7pm for families not already attending ACE who are interested in next year. This event is designed for community members who could have sent their kids to ACE this year but chose not to. It also is for families in our new flex zone located in the Balmoral subdivision.

Guests can meet our leadership team, hear about what our school is working to become, and can get tours from ACE staff. If you know of a family who has even thought about ACE for their kids for next year, please forward this information to them! That will help get the word out.

This event is NOT for incoming kindergarten families. We will have a separate event in April for that.

Counseling 1:1 Meeting Progress

Ms. Capuchina, our school counselor, continues to make great progress in her one on one meetings with kids. By the end of the school year she will have met at least once with every student in our school. Wow! These meetings help establish connection between the student and the school staff, and it is developing a greater sense of belonging for our students. Thank you for your focus, Ms. Capuchina!

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Mock Staar testing

Our Mock STAAR Testing Dates are March 8 - 10. Parents please ensure your child arrives at school on time. Doors open at 7:30 a.m., and breakfast begins at this time. It is essential that students also get a good night's rest. Grades 3 - 5 will not be permitted to bring backpacks on these days. Please note we will have an adjusted lunch schedule, and visitors will not be allowed to visit.

Construction Progress

We received news that we will be getting temporary school zone signs within the next few weeks. The permanent, flashing signs are currently on backorder. We also should finally get paint for crosswalks when the temporary signs are put into place.

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Hello, Autumn Creek Families -

We have officially kicked off the Kids Heart Challenge Road Trip this week with the American Heart Association, and we need your help! Over the next few weeks students will be learning about their heart, raising awareness, and raising funds to fight heart disease and stroke.


Step 1. Visit our school’s Kids Heart Challenge page: Autumn Creek KHC Website

OR download the Kids Heart Challenge App and search for our school and sign up!

Step 2. Complete Finn’s Mission to become a lifesaver!

BONUS: Anyone who gets their first online donation by 6am WEDNESDAY will go into a drawing for a cool mystery prize!

Parents – you can join your student(s) on the road.

We invite you to join us in at-home heart-healthy behaviors by accessing the KHC Mission Experience.

Why we support the American Heart Association: Every 40 seconds someone in America suffers from a stroke. Complete Finn’s Mission to learn how your family can recognize and react to a stroke F.A.S.T. … because when it comes to stroke every minute matters!

Thank you for joining us on the road and helping us save lives!

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Dual Credit Summer Academy 2022: Virtual March 9 Did you know that students in Humble ISD have the opportunity to earn both original high school credit and college credit during the summer? This allows students to free up their schedule during the school year to take other courses they may be interested in. Come hear about the dual credit offerings for this upcoming summer along with the process to enroll. Register Here

Social & Emotional Learning Series: Relationship Skills: Virtual April 7 Connecting with others is important! But does your child have the relationship skills to build strong connections? Join us to learn how to support your child in building healthy relationships with others. Register Here.

Delegating: A Time Management Skill: Virtual April 21 Busy. Busy. No time left in the day to get everything accomplished. Delegating tasks is a skill. Join us and learn the basic strategies of delegation and have more time for yourself and family. Register Here.

WMS Course selection

Hello WMS Families,

We have completed course selection for the 2022-2023 school year! Your child has had an opportunity to enter their course requests for next year using Naviance. Please keep in mind that these are only requests at this point.

The next stage of this process is Parent Approval. You are now able to access Naviance using the same log in as last year to view and approve your child's plan. At this time, please log into your parent account to approve or not approve your child’s plan.

Parents Step-By-Step Tutorial on Approving Plans

If you have forgotten your login information you can find help here. If you are new to the district then you will be getting an email from the district with your access code to set up your account.

If you select do not approve then we will be in contact with you to discuss the plan. Students will still have two more verification periods to check over their plan and request changes before the start of the new school year.

Steps for Course Selection

  • Students enter course requests in Naviance

  • Counselors approve course requests in Naviance

  • Parents approve course requests in Naviance

  • Course requests get exported to HAC

  • Verification Period #1 - Students are able to review requests and request changes

  • Verification Period #2 - Students are able to review schedule and request changes

We appreciate your support to help us through the scheduling process. If you have any questions please reach out to your child's counselor.

All students who requested AVID but are not currently in the class must submit an application by March 15th

Course Selection Resources located here: 2022-2022 Course Selection Resources

Ms. Watkins (6th Grade for 21/22)

Questions/Concerns to Ms. Watkins

Mrs. Cavazos (8th Grade for 21/22)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Cavazos

Mrs. Simon (7th Grade 21/22)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Simon

Mrs. Reyna (Lead Counselor)

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Reyna

PTO News

Spring into gear with new spirit wear! Last chance to purchase gear is today! All purchases are final.

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Check out the PTO Newsletter here!

Visit the PTO website for more information.

Important Upcoming Dates!

  • March 5: Hero Robotics District Competition
  • March 8: Open House for Prospective Families 6-7
  • March 8-10: Mock STAAR Testing
  • March 10: Spirit Night @ Chick-fil-a
  • March 14-18: Spring Break
  • March 21: Elementary Holiday