Overpopulation in Europe

by Marianne

Overpopulation (n.)

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of overpopulation is "the condition of having a population so dense as to cause environmental deterioration, an impaired quality of life or a population crash".

Here, the overview of overpopulation is given in a two minute video
Overpopulation- The Problem and Solution
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Causes of Overpopulation

Overpopulation is often seen as too many people. Not only is it too many people, but it's also the Earth not having enough resources to provide for human beings. The causes for overpopulation are humans reproducing too much. In Europe, then birth rate has increased a large amount, taking the average birth of children in a family from one to almost two, all across Europe.

Impact to Physical Geography

The graph below shows the effect that overpopulation has had on animals. As humans begin to consume more of the resources needed by animals and other species, those certain species do not have enough food, therefore begin to die off. The more space people occupy, the less space there is for species and natural environments to live and take place.
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Impact in Economy

Europe's economy has fluctuated in the past couple of years due to overpopulation. Europe has more and more visitors that become residents every year, which is causing high unemployment rate, more work needed, and less money given due to the demand of services all around the world. The demand for resources is much higher than it was twenty to thirty years ago.
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Steps Taken

Out of the many things one may be able to think of, such as creating more jobs, lowering the cost of resources, or even making it higher, what must be done in Europe, and all around the world is more education on having children. If more individuals were aware of the circumstances and hardships present when having a large family, there wouldn't be many large families. Europe has been taking a look at those certain things, educating humans more. In Germany, women have been taught adequately enough, to the point where the birth rate and pregnancy rate in Germany is much lower than the rest of Europe.

Essential Question

What is being done in Europe to fix the issue of overpopulation?