The Living

Matt de la Peña


Shy- a boy that is 18 and has a job at a cruise ship and is nice, sensitive, sympathetic and trust worthy.

Carmen- a girl that shy has a crush on and they both have relatives that died by Romero disease. She is nice, sensitive and over protective.

Shoe shine- A guy that considers himself as shoe shine and helps Shy in parts of the story.

Addison- a girl that was in the cruise ship with her friend and her father in an island.


The setting takes place in three places. The places are an ocean, ship and an island. All three places are important in the book. When they are in a ocean they are in a raft.


"Oh and it's a private island u can't just go there for a vacation you have to be invited"- Addison

"It was like sand in an hourglass telling him here is how much till you live"-Shy


The conflict of the book is that Shy is trapped in a boat with a blonde girl and an oil man and Addison. Shy's grandmother and his brother got romero disease but if they wanna stop his brother from getting that sick they will have to pay a lot of money. (Shy's grandmother is dead.)


Shy is a boy who took a job at a cruise ship he met new friends during shifts. Shy has a crush on Carmen but Carmen has a fiance. Shy witnessed a death and the securities are trying to find out if the person told him anything about him like his job. Shy thought that Addison was snotty but once they were trapped in a raft he learned more about her and he might like her and she might like him. A little more into the book a tsunami hits they're ship and the place get's flooded and Shy got separated from all his friends. Shy is in a adventure trying to get to an island and find other survivors. He finds a girl and others in a life boat but the boat got getting attacked by sharks so they had to go to Shy's boat. They find a island with hotels where they sit at and they found a lab where its connected to Addison's dad. The romero disease spreads across where Shy lives and it also spreads into the Island they stay at.