Test and stress

By Rogdryk Guillory

Test and stress

This is not just about a test and stress. I think kids take too many test because it causes stress for kids and teachers and teacher spend too much time doing test prep instead of teaching.

Kids Stress

Did you know that tests cause stress for kids and not just a little headache! It can place a huge amount of stress on kids which is not good mainly because stress is not good for your brain. It can also cause brain damage. One grade level will take atlesse 6,500 tests each year. Big time stress. Yes, it can cause a headache, but if it continues we'll meet stress and his buddy brain damage and his little brother headache. Not my favorite people.

Teacher’s Have stress too!

Did you know kids aren't the only ones who get stressed? Teachers get stress too. Teacher get stressed preparing students. It turns out when some students are not paying attention in class and they don’t do well their teacher might get in trouble by their boss which causes stress. Yes, some tests you need to take, but some you really don’t. Some tests want to see what you know and are good!

Test prep

I bet you don’t notice, but teachers spend too much time doing test prep instead of teaching. This is bad for kids because they should be teaching kids not just preparing them for a test. Some subjects have been taken away from students across the nation and for fun has been taken away from learning. Braian Crosby believes “science education may soon be remove the endangered curriculum”.
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Well now you know

So now you know something else about some tests, not just that you need to take SOME. Not all tests. It is good that you are taking test some are to see what you know about a subject some are t see what you have learned. 6,500 that is a lot of test taken all in just one year. So help cut down on tests!