Computers! What do they do?

Computers help the “average joe” accomplish things he would have never been able to do on his own. In seconds, he can access anything he needs to know and more. The opportunities with computers are endless. Computers continue to grow every single day.


In School

“Since the early 1980s, the number of computers in American schools has increased steadily, million in 1998”. (Becker) Computers get put in schools every day because that is how the normal student gets their work done. They can write their papers faster, and do things like research that they would not be able too without computers. “A wide range of software is now available—from word processing and information retrieval applications to more sophisticated analytic programs for understanding patterns in data, developing spreadsheet models, creating presentations, and constructing interactive multimedia environments.” (Becker) Computers are allowing students to do functions that increase their daily school days. They are learning faster and working faster than ever before.

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