News from Mr. Dolfi and Mrs. Morrow

Egypt Day - Written by Noah Bellemare

Egypt Day for Mr. Dolfi and Mrs. Morrow's class was an awesome way to finish off the Egypt Unit, and it was fun! On Egypt Day, the two half days of November 24th and 25th, we learned a lot of things including Egyptian math, writing and burial procedures. Now, we know how to write like an Egyptian! As for the teachers, I think they did a great job - it was really fun!

Math and Science Updates

As we continue to work on Ratios and Proportions, we are learning how to organize our mathematical thinking by creating ratio tables, tape diagrams, and double number lines. We are making lots of connections to fractions while we discuss ratio relationships. One of the top rated ratio activities we've done so far is play, "Ratio Rumble." Students can also play this game at home to practice.

Our unit test in Ratios and Proportions will be next week. It will be taken using Snapshot on Edmodo so you may see how your student performs once the test is taken.

In science, we are moving along in our study of Geology as we are discovering the awesomeness of Earth's crust. Ask your student about Alfred Wegener and his scientific discoveries! We will be learning and researching how earthquakes and volcanoes are formed. We will have an upcoming research project on a famous earthquake or volcano. We should begin working on this the week before Winter break.

ELA and Social Studies Updates

In English/Language Arts, we have learning how to write five paragraph essays. Each student was asked to choose a topic that they are an expert in and write an expository (informational) essay on that topic. Once we have finished this essay, we will take what we have learned and each student will write another expository essay on one of the five major religions of the world. Ask your student what they consider themselves an expert in!

In writing, we have also just finished our unit on parts of speech, although we will continue our search for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns throughout the year! Along with parts of speech, we have been doing activities in book groups and in independent reading on theme and main idea. One such activity is creating hash tag phrases to think about the message the author is sending to the reader.

Finally, Please take time to look at your child's at-home reading log and see what they are reading. I have seen students continue to show thoughtful reflection, but now that we are almost half-way through the year, students should be able to fill the entire space provided with writing!

In Social Studies, we have just begun research on the five major religions of the world. Each student is learning the basics of each including who founded the religion, it's holy book, holidays, places, and customs. This work is meant to broaden our students world view and gain perspective on the historical significance that religions has played in the last 2000 years, an idea that comes directly from the Essential Standards for Social Studies. Students will present what they have learned in their next expository essay.

Teacher Talk

We continue to be so thankful for such supportive parents. Our students tend to be very excited during this time of year. It is so important that your child is staying focused and attentive to his/her academic performance. We are still assigning homework and classwork every day and are expecting it to be completed and brought to class.

As we are getting closer to the Winter Break, we wish you and your families a very safe and fun holiday season!