$1,500 = 33,720,000.00 VND

Vietnam Is the cheapest place Around!

The Exchange rate for one US Dollar is around 21,000d (dong).

I will be staying in Ho Chi Minh City where a luxurious hotel named, Park Hyatt Saigon hotel is , it will cost around $171 per night, $1026 for 6 nights.

The Extreme weakness in the vIetnamese Dong is partially caused by the country still being in the early stages of development, Which also translates to low prices!

What My stay WIll Look Like



Recover from jet lag and order room service.


Visit and experience the mystical Thien Hau Temple (Pagoda)! $50 for the trip + $8 for the taxi ride.($4 each way) and eat at the La Villa French Restaurant($50)


Bitexco Financial Tower, I would go there because it is the most recognizable and prominent building in Ho Chi Minh. Costing another $38 for the day trip and tour of the building. I will eat at

Hum Vegetarian Cafe & Restaurant ($10)


I would also go to the opera house, i want to listen to classical opera on my laavish stay. Eat hot horderves and sip on aged grape juice. I would only sit in the finest of seats! $66 for the exclusive deal!


Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens will be my last stop and it would cost me $20 for the day.( including food and admission)

Le Comptoir de Saigon is where i will be dining this night. ($10)


Sunday i will just walk around and go site seeing and mingling with the people of Ho chi minh, i will eat at

Wine Bar 38 & Restaurant for dinner. $50


I will eat at the Le Padam for $22 and relax a day before I head home.

Total $1223.00 Now for the remaining $172.00 or 3,866,560.00 VND

I will donate it to Saigon Children's Charity, benefitting children in need to aquire an education.

I Picked Vietnam because it is a diverse country and more specifically Ho Chi Minh because of its rich cultural heritage!

This will conclude my extravagant stay in Ho Chi Minh City! tạm biệt!