2017 MASSW Annual State Conference

Michigan Association of School Social Workers

2017 MASSW Annual State Conference

Wednesday, Nov. 1st, 5pm to Saturday, Nov. 4th, 11:30am

333 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI, United States

Conference information is now available!

Our annual conference this year takes place at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. This is the only Michigan conference where school social workers hear from national and local speakers, and network with other school social workers from across the state. Attendees are guaranteed to be refreshed, refocused and re-energized to assist their students and teachers with new ideas and interventions.

Wednesday Pre-Conference Event: Judith Lipson, MA, LPC

These are challenging times and Social Work can be a stressful profession. Join Judy Lipson for this pre-conference event where you will have an opportunity to learn and practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Check in, and leave the stresses of work, life, and the world behind. You will leave refreshed! Hospitality and a cash bar will be available for participants before and after the event!

Thursday Keynote: Tim Skubick, Senior Capital Correspondent

Join Michigan’s longest serving member of the press corps, Tim Skubick, with over 46 years covering the political landscape of our state capitol, as he guides us toward developing macro-level strategies to advocate for students with Lansing lawmakers. Tim will guide us through current legislative initiatives affecting social workers in Michigan and around the country. Hands-on tools and initiatives will be reviewed as well as advocacy strategies that we can utilize to have our message HEARD by Lansing lawmakers.

Friday Keynote: Jennifer Hollander, LMSW

Schools around the world are recognizing that a transformation in classroom culture is necessary to enable students to grow as learners and thinkers. As social workers, with small shifts in what we naturally do, we can facilitate deeper thinking with our students too. In this presentation, participants will explore and engage in Cultures of Thinking Routines and leave with specific ideas for integrating these routines into our work with students, parents, and staff. In this high energy and engaging presentation, join Jennifer Hollander as she takes you on an exploration of Cultures of Thinking Routines. Be prepared to leave with new ideas for working with students, parents, and staff.

Saturday Keynote: Dr. Jeremy Norwood, JD, Ph.D.

School social workers, speech-pathologists, counselors, school-psychologists, and other helping professionals are in a key position to address the issue of human trafficking in our society today. The “Human Trafficking for School Professionals” keynote will help to address the issue of human trafficking in our schools, communities, and society by (a) defining what human trafficking is, (b) explaining the types and venues of human trafficking, (c) identifying victims of human trafficking in health care settings, (d) understanding the warning signs in social service settings for adults and minors, and (e) detailing the resources available for victims of human trafficking.

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Registration Assistance: Amy Phaneuf at aphaneufmassw@gmail.com

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Technical, Presenter, CEH Assistance: Laura Milner at lmilnerssw@gmail.com

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