Great Wolf Lodge Event Schedule

February 29th - March 1st

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Our annual Great Wolf Lodge event is coming up! If you are planning to attend and stay the night, please be sure to make your reservation by calling 1-866-941-9653.

Most families only choose to stay one night. If you are only staying for one night, we encourage you to stay Monday, February 29th which is the day most of our school events will take place.

If you stay the night, you will be given 4 water park passes to use for 2 days; the day you check in and the day you check out. There is a fee for each additional water park pass.

Official check-in time is at 4:00pm but you can come early and as the rooms become available, they will check you in.

Our first meetup is at 1:00pm on Monday, February 29th in the Northwest Territory Ballroom.

You do not have to stay the night if you want to join us in the North West Territory Ballroom for the daily events on Monday, February 29th.

We want you to really enjoy your time so feel free to meetup at the ballroom, water park, or enjoy other Great Wolf Lodge events with your family.

Great Wolf Lodge

Monday, Feb. 29th, 1pm

20500 Old Highway 99 Southwest

Centralia, WA

Monday, February 29th - WAVA Events

1:00pm Meet and Greet! (Gr. K-12)—Northwest Territory Ballroom – come and get your K12 wristband so you can be identified by your classmates!

2:00pm Northwest Territory Ballroom Board games with Ms. Sears and Ms. Evans

3:00pm Toothpick Marshmallow Sculptures Northwest Territory Ballroom with Mr. Putnam.

4:00pm High School Talent Show Northwest Territory Ballroom (Virtual and

in-person. All grades are welcome to watch!)

6:00pm Board games Northwest Territory Ballroom Drop in before/after dinner

and join your WAVA friends with some board games!

7:00pm FREE Yummy dessert! Northwest Territory Ballroom- Free dessert

sponsored by Digital Public Schools Alliance

8:00pm The Great Clock Tower Show (Gr. K-8) All WAVA Families meet by the

fireplace 10 minutes before the show for a good seat.

9:00pm Northern Lights Arcade (Gr. 6-12) End the night with your friends at the arcade.

Monday, February 29th Water Park Meet-ups

Look for your WAVA friends who are wearing their bracelets!


Future WAVA students! (Toddler/preschool) Meet at Fort Mackenzie

(Gr. K-5) Meet at the Slap Tail Pond

(Gr. 6-8) Meet at the River Canyon Run

(Gr. 9-12) Meet at the Howlin’ Tornado

5pm – 6pm

Future WAVA students! (Toddler/preschool) Meet at the Cub Paw Pool

(Gr. K-5) Meet at Totem Towers

(Gr. 6-8) Meet at Alberta Falls

(Gr. 9-12) Meet at the River Canyon Run

6pm – 7pm

Future WAVA students! (Toddler/preschool) Meet at Totem Towers

(Gr. K-5) Meet at Big Foot Pass

(Gr. 6-8) Meet at the Slap Tail Pond

(Gr. 9-12) Meet at Alberta Falls

7pm – 8pm

(Gr. K-5) Meet at Alberta Falls

(Gr. 6-8) Meet at Big Foot Pass

(Gr. 9-12) Meet at Chinook Cove

8pm – 9pm

(Gr. 9-12) South Hot Springs

Tuesday, March 1st - Waterpark Meet Ups

9am – 10am

Future WAVA students! (Toddler/preschool) Meet at Fort Mackenzie

(Gr. K-5) Meet at the Slap Tail Pond

(Gr. 6-12) Meet at the Howlin’ Tornado

10am – 11am

Future WAVA students! (Toddler/preschool) Meet at Cub Paw Pool

(Gr. K-5) Meet at Totem Towers

(Gr. 6-8) Meet at Alberta Falls

(Gr. 9-12) Meet at the River Canyon Run

School Requirements

If you will be missing a required class connect for this event, you will need to k-mail your teacher as soon as possible so that he/she can let you know how to make up the work. This will be at the discretion of the specific teacher.

You will still be responsible for meeting your monthly progress goals. Typically, students who attend this event, work ahead by doing additional lessons prior to the event. If there is offline work, some students bring their materials with them and work on them while traveling in the car.

8th - 12th grade
If you have a required class connect you will need to contact that teacher to make arrangements on how to make up the class work. Please keep a close on eye on assignment due dates for this week.

$ Money Saving Tips $

  • Each room has a microwave and refrigerator. Consider bringing your own food and snacks.
  • Avoid the extras such as the Magi Quest or Glow Golf.
  • Stay away from the Gift Shop - instead, take tons of photos! Those memories will last much longer.
  • Don't forget your toiletries! Great Wolf Lodge has been known to charge for things like toothpaste.