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Sumer Creation Story

The Sumerian people have their own creation story, it surprisingly might sound very similar to the one of your religion. It has a flood story like many others. Their story begins with only one goddess, Nammu. She gave birth to Heaven and Earth in one. Then Earth and Heaven were separated into two and then the sun and moon were created. While the gods were at a banquet, drunken they created humans. They realized all had too many problems except for a man and his wife. The gods told the man to build protection from a flood that would kill all of the other humans. When all of the other humans were dead they restarted mankind.

Construction of a Ziggurat

Here in Sumer we are very excited to announce that we have almost finished our new Ziggurat. We have used over 2.3 million pounds of mud brick, and over 10,000 workers have helped us construct this ziggurat. We will expect it to be done in less than six months.

Our Great Gods

We are proud to say that our gods are the most powerful gods of them all, and our gods are the best! Our gods: Enki (god of water and wisdom), Enlil (goddess of air), Ishkur (god of the winds), Nidaba (goddess of writing), and Gilgamesh (the demigod).

Job Openings (for priests)

In Ur we have just opened a new school half a mile south of the ziggurat. We are looking for teachers who are priests to come and teach of students to write and read Cuneiform. You must be fluent in Cuneiform to be accepted to this job. We also need priests to helps with welfare to keep girls from turing to prostitution. If you are interested in any of these jobs, please visit our job opening stand on the first level of the Ur ziggurat.

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Ur, Great Pit of Death

We have recently reported that 74 servants have killed themselves with poison to serve Shub-ad in the after life. There were sixty-eight women and six men who have killed themselves. They seemed to die in peace, like they have volunteered to kill themselves. They were dressed in lots of jewelry and had lots of expensive clothes on.


We are inviting boys to come and join our school. We have some precautions though. Your child may be beaten, only because we want your child to learn from his mistakes and succeed the next time he does it. School only costs 3 pounds of silver a year to turn your child into a successful scribe.

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Religious Ceremonies Coming Soon

In the beautiful Ziggurat of Ur we have a few events coming up soon. We have religious gatherings every Thursday where we will pray to our wonderful gods including prayers by the best scribes throughout our city- state. We also have meetings where we help the poor every Friday afternoon. Every weekend we will pray to our king wishing him a wonderful life and a great afterlife.

What Every City- State Believed

Eveyone here in Mesopotamia believed in an afterlife and is polytheistic. Here in Sumer we believe that our cities are owned and run by the gods and goddesses. We also are proud that our Kings got their power from the gods. The Assyrians burry their dead with some of their favorite items including food, tools, and jewelry so they can use these items in the afterlife. Also, in Babylon there is Ishtar the god of war, Sin the god of the moon, Enlil the god of the air, and Anki the god of the universe.

What The Gods are Causing

Recently, In Babylon there was a massive flood that has ruined all of the fields and farms used to grow crops and raise livestock. This is the time of year when the gods all meat up to argue who is the strongest and most powerful of all. Nammu, the goddess of water, must have been forced to show her power to cause this massive flood. Also, the temperature has risen over the last few days by 10 degrees, Ningal, the god of the sun, has incredible power. We will keep you up to date if anything else happens.

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Daily Prayer

"Gracious Ishtar, who rules over the universe,

Heroic Ishtar, who creates mankind,

Who walks before the cattle, who walks before the shepherd...

Without you the river will not open

The river which brings us life will not be closed,

Without you the canal will not open,

The canal from which the scattered drink

will not be closed...

Where you cast your glance, the dead awaken, the sick arise;

The bewildered, beholding your face, find the right way..."

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