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January, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR! When I reflect back on 2014 it really was an amazing year! My children are thriving! I exceeded my goals in business and my husband has taken full advantage of his new opportunities in his profession! So don’t tease me too much but I decided to pick my theme for this year while sitting in the movie “Annie” with my kids. The song “Opportunity” sort of hit me like a ton of bricks. When I was a child my parents along with the several Bible Teachers made sure I had the opportunity to trust the Gospel of Christ. This opportunity was provided; I accepted the gift of salvation, therefore sealing my eternity. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, and rose from the dead,knowing that he had to do that, to save Donna Randall, from her sin. Amen! In 2002, my BFF, Beth, introduced me to my husband. Who knew what an opportunity she was providing? In 2006, my husband rose to the challenge, took the opportunity to build upon his career by moving us to Houston, allowing me to be the stay-at-home Mom, I always wanted to be and later fulfill my dream and calling of homeschooling my children. When my friend Kristi, started a group called BabyfoodSteps she provided the opportunity for me to renew what my parents had already taught me, that food can make you sick and food can heal your body. Adryan Dupre came to speak at that group in November 2012 and gave me an opportunity to add essential oils to my tool belt of natural health solutions. Nov, 2013 I found myself sharing oils with everyone and I couldn’t miss this opportunity to fulfill one of my child hood dreams of owning my own business, just like my parents had done. OPPORTUNITY! I feel strongly that the natural health solutions that dōTERRA provides is an opportunity for better health and the business side of dōTERRA is an opportunity for financial freedom and the flexibility to still be the Mom and Wife I am called to be. This year I am feeling determined to not waste that OPPORTUNITY! I am blessed with the opportunity to serve you all with this newsletter I hope you will find packed full of information to help you on your good health journey. Guess what? I love to talk about oils and natural health! Text me your questions at 281-725-8830, email me, or FB me or let’s set up a time to talk by phone or let’s meet in person! Curious about the business side of dōTERRA? Just ask. I would love to share the OPPORTUNITY with you! What opportunities will you take advantage of in 2015?

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January Promotions and Specials

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