Deep Sea Research Guide

Puja Paudel

Where is the Ocean?

Deep sea is under every ocean.
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Ocean Water Chemistry

Average Temperature: (45 degree for the Twilight Zone and 32 degree for the Midnight Zone).

Average Density: more dense(1.028)

Average Pressure:14.5 pounds per square inch

Average salinity: about 3.5% or 35%

All about Science

Current exist at all depth in the ocean in some region,two or more currents flow in different directions at different depths.Ocean currents are driven by two forces the sun and the rotation of the earth. Current in the deep ocean exist because of the changes in the density of sea water occurring at the surface.

Characteristics of an Ecosystem

Abiotic Ecosystem:a non-living condition or thing as climate or habitat, that influences or affect an ecosystem and the organism in it.

Biotic Factors: a living thing as an animal or plant, that influences or affects an ecosystem.

For example) Birds: Phylum- Chordata and the Class-Aves

Mollusks: Phylum- Mollusca

The Oceans as a Resource and Human Impact on the Oceans

Resources found in Deep Sea: Nickel,copper,cobalt, manganese, some vanadium,molybdenum,platinum,lead,zinc and some gold and silver.

Human impact on Deep Sea: Human impact on the deep sea is increasing because of the technology which can lead destruction to animals and also the pollution.

Human can help by: Not using a lot of technology down in the ocean and also keeping the place clean for animals.

Packing list

1. Umbrella

2. Swim suit

3. Shoes

4. Pants

5. Sunglasses

6. Sunscreen

7. Camera

8. iPhone 6

9. Binoculars

10. Goggles

11. Towel

12 .Laptop

13. Toiletries

14. Hat