The Phone Call

by Miguel Arguello Aldana

Narrative Writing

There was a phone ringing while the man was watching tv. So he ran to go get the phone, then he answered the phone and the phone caller said you won ten thousand dollars. However, the phone caller said you can only spend it for 3 hours only. Then the phone caller hung up. Then the man said what should I spend it on? He didn't know what to spend it on, so he just sat on his couch and figured out what he should spend it on. Later he knew what to spend it on it was food. He got hungry so he spend it on food.

Then he wanted to buy a game. So he went to go to gamestop and bought 5 games. Then he only had 2 hours left and he had seven thousand dollars left. He was kind of sad he only has two hours left so he began to go to all the stores and try to buy some really expensive stuff. He was kind of happy buying the stuff. He went to JcPenney and bought a lot of clothes, like pants, shirts and shoes, lots of shoes like Vans and DC’c.

He spent 30 minutes at the mall. He had 1 and a half hours left and 5 thousand dollars left. What could he spend the rest of the money on? He decided to invite all of his friends and family to go to Knott’s Berry Farm and buy them all season passes. This way they can go to Knott’s any time they want to and have fun on all the rides.

The boy had ran out of time. He was not able to spend his last $1,000.00. This made him feel disappointed. Maybe he should have given it to his school or to a charity or something. If he has this type of opportunity again he will spend it on more shoes.

What a great day this was. He wished he still had the $10,000.00 so he could spend it on more things. He wanted to spend it on a new computer...maybe there will be another time to try? c