Welcome to U.S. History!

~Ms. Dunn's HST302A, 8th Grade History

About Ms. Dunn

I have taught 8th grade history since the 2011-2012 school year! I have been with MVCA since 2011. I have my Master's in Educational Technology and am currently working on a Educational Specialist degree.

I have a little boy named Mason turned seven on September 8th!

If you need to contact me the best way is via Kmail. Please search for me under "teachers".

Ph: 616-309-1600, ext. 1626.

Ph: (734) 237-8394 (You may call or text me at this number.) If you text me, please let me know it is you!

I cannot wait to meet you all! We are going to have a great school year!

Our Course

This course is a full-year survey that provides students with a view of American history from the first migrations of nomadic people through the American Civil War. Readings are drawn from K12's The American Odyssey: A History of the United States. Online lessons help students organize their study, explore topics, review in preparation for assessments, and practice skills of historical thinking and analysis. Activities include analyzing primary sources and maps, creating timelines, completing projects and written assignments, and conducting independent research.

When will we have class?

We will meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to work through our course together. When you see these lessons on your plan, please attend, as this year attendance is required to provide you the BEST support in this course!!!! Sometimes, I will hold a class for you on Thursdays as you need it. If you see that class on your plan, I made it for you because your scores showed me you needed that specific help.

Social Studies Orientation

Our content orientation and Meet the Teacher from September.

Course work

You will see assignments show up on your daily plan the day of class, and you will need to come to class with your text book pages already read.

Once you get to class, I'll remind you in just a few bullet points what you read, and then we'll be off and running! I plan to create with you a notebook full of information that will help you with your homework, quizzes, and tests.

Class Materials

You will need a few supplies for this required notebook. Before class on September 14th, please have the following items ready for every history class:

• Your history textbook.

• A composition or spiral bound notebook.

• Scissors.

• Glue stick OR liquid glue OR glue dots. Tape won't work with our notebooks.

• Crayons OR colored pencils. Markers won't work for our notebooks.

• A pen or already-sharpened pencil

It's important to know that THIS year in history class, you will GET something out of EVERY class. We will make something, or do something, or complete something that will either complete an assignment for you, complete a lesson for you, or help you mark down information you can later use on an assessment. MY GOAL IS TO HAVE EVERY STUDENT LEARN MORE THIS YEAR!!!