Google Drive

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How to Use this Resource:

Read the essential questions and keep them in mind as you work your way through the resources on this page. Watch the brief video tutorials next to each feature if you do not have familiarity with that item. Complete the task at the bottom of the page.

Essential Questions:

How can Google Drive assist with organization of files?

How can Google Drive support anytime/anywhere learning?


Meet Google Drive - watch this video

Google Drive tour - video tour of the features within Google Drive

Google Drive basics - (from Google) Use the self-check questions to assess your knowledge of Drive. Browse through the lesson materials to view the capabilities within Google Drive.

Beyond Basic:

Preview these resources below so you have an idea of the capabilities within Google Drive.

The Guide to Google Drive Sharing

Organize Your Google Drive


Practice uploading non-Google files (i.e. Microsoft Word) to your Google Drive. Watch this tutorial to learn how to complete the following steps ((If the tutorial video appears blurry, click on the Settings cog directly beneath the YouTube video and change the quality to 720p-HD)

  1. Create a folder in your Google Drive titled Google Drive MIAC - (your last name)
  2. Access the folder by double-clicking on it.
  3. Upload a Microsoft Word file to this folder.
  4. Upload the same Microsoft Word file, but convert it to a Google Docs format.
  5. Upload a photo or a PDF to this folder. Rename the photo so the title is relative to the content within the photo.