Conservatory of Music

Employee Newsletter

Dear Employees,

Here at Conservatory Of Music, we teach all kinds of kids to play all kinds of instruments, including:

  • piano, violin, bass, guitar, drums, viola, percussion, cello, double (upright) bass, brass-winds, woodwinds, and even voice lessons

But even though we offer all of these instrument lessons, and much more, we are still having a big problem retaining students. There is a problem among us at Conservatory Of Music. We are having some difficulties retaining our students to learn from us here at Conservatory Of Music. We have been trying to keep hold of our students by making our private lessons unique to the student and making sure they are understanding what we have been teaching them. So far, we have been making better progress but are still trying to keep them with us. We Have scheduled some events to help with this problem.

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Upcoming Events

  • Show us your A's: Which is an opportunity for our students to bring us their straight A's and we will put their name in a raffle fora $25 gift card.
  • Music latter system: As your child meets pre-determined attendance milestones, they will earn different wristbands & certificates, with occasional trophies, to signify their accomplishments!For those children with tickets, we will have an exchange program starting in January to “swap out” tickets for wristbands.
  • We will have our annual recitals twice a year. (Dates to be announced.)

Conservatory of Music

At Conservatory Of Music, we do our best to make sure your student is taught at their best. we go at their own pace to make sure they can retain the information, and music, we teach them. We go out of our way to make the experience for them great and a unique lesson they can't find anywhere else. Have any questions? Ask us!