Lakeview Kindergarten

June 2015

Upcoming learning your child won't want to miss!

May-June 2015 Teacher Contact Information Mrs. Janese Mrs. Osowsky 817-215-0777 817-215-0767 Ms. Peters Ms. Loter 817-215-0782 817-218-1949 Mrs. Thaut 817-215-0760 Lunch 10:15-10:45 Specials 11:55-12:50 Library Times: Osowsky - Monday Peters - Wednesday Janese – Wednesday Loter - Wednesday Thaut - Thursday

Readers’ Workshop –We will be reviewing story elements, and writing well developed and thoughtful responses to texts read in class. We will also be reflecting on how we have grown as readers.

Writers’ Workshop –We will be working to create well developed personal narratives using transition words and lots of details.. We will also reflect on how we have grown as writers this year.

Math Workshop: We will be working on counting to 100 from any given number, telling numbers that are one more and one less than a given number, student s will consolidate the ideas of addition and subtraction and apply those ideas to teen numbers, and we will work on the concept of time durations.

Science: We will be starting our unit on animals covering their needs and their habitats.

Social Studies: We will learn how communities get their needs met in different ways.