Cockrill Spanish

This week en la clase de Señora Wells...

Ask a Story

This week with story asking I introduced 5 of the "Super 16" commonly used verbs in Spanish:

  • está- he/she is (location & feelings)
  • es- he/she is (descriptions)
  • tiene- he/she has
  • quiere- he/she wants
  • va- he/she goes
Stories ranged from an en evil Dr. Pepper poisoning Chief Keef to fall in love with elevators to a boy who carries his pet chicken in his backpack everywhere, even to KFC.

I can honestly say that I enjoy the stories that the students come up with each class!

Big image


This week was our very first timed writing. I can't tell you how many groans I get from students when I tell them they're going to write! And then, the inevitable question in each class, "Do we have to write in Spanish?"

I told them that writing in my class, especially this early in the year is nothing like what they are doing in their other classes. I keep up all the words on the board and I encourage them to simply re-write the story that we told in class. As you can see in the picture, there are a lot of words and different ways to combine them to tell a story. I'm not grading spelling at all and I'm very lenient on word order right now. For the first quarter of Spanish 1 it's not that bad if a student says "La alta chica" instead of "La chica alta" for "the tall girl."

Eventually, students will be writing 80-100 words in 5 minutes, but until then I will be grading on a curve. I find the average word count for students and then add points to the average to add it up to an 80.

Today's timed writing will be the baseline, so I won't be grading this one.


Most classes did not get to read a story this week because we simply ran out of time! We will pick up with it next week, our stories were starting to get really good so we're going to keep up with it on Monday & Tuesday and then read on Wednesday.

Mi vida loca

On Wednesday we watched 2 more episodes of our suspenseful drama, Mi vida loca, on We found out that our accidental host is a journalist and someone is hot on her tail!

If your child was absent on Wednesday, or missed the previous episodes from the 2nd week of school, I always add a address on the top right corner to watch the episodes. We will be grading the vocabulary towards the end of the quarter when we do a binder check.


This week's song was pretty popular among the classes. We listened to salsa from Marc Anthony and the kids were all singing along. It melts my heart to hear them sing Spanish!
Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida


Now that the late bus has started running on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will be available for anyone who wants to come in for a little extra help with reading, writing or listening.

If your child wants to come in, please let me know in advance so I can be prepared. They will need a pass to ride the bus at 4:30 that drops them off at their neighborhood elementary school.

* I don't want students to worry about speaking too much right now because it is still early in the year and there is always a "silent period" of language acquisition before early production.


We're going to keep our jobs for a little bit longer and I plan on editing some of the duties for a few kids. I think that my "cheerleaders" don't really know when to cheer so I'm going to tweak that job a little bit for next week :)