Fourth Grade News

Lakeside Elementary Sept.26-Sept. 30

Reading/Language Arts

Reading: We will continue to set the expectations for reading workshop and practice "holding our thinking" while reading this week. Each learner must have a book in their possession for independent reading.

Writing: We will continue to work on personal narratives.

Spelling/Word work: A spelling list is going home on Monday. Please help your learner prepare for the spelling test each week.

Our Overarching Transfer Goals for the year

The learners will independently use their learning to…

  1. Communicate effectively through various means for a variety of purposes and audiences

  2. Comprehend, evaluate, and critically analyze diverse texts for a variety of purposes

  3. Engage in meaningful discourse that respects diverse viewpoint, ideas, and beliefs


This week in math

  • We are starting our unit on financial literacy. The unit focuses on:

    • fixed and variable expenses

    • finding a profit

    • financial institutions

    • spending, sharing, saving, and borrowing money


The learners will independently use their learning to safely and ethically collect, analyze, and evaluate appropriate data. This week we will be coming to the end of our unit on weathering, erosion, and deposition. Learners will finish this unit, and we will begin exploring Earth's natural resources by the end of the week!

Social Studies

Learning will be focused on the regions of Texas for the next few weeks. Attention will be given to the climate, wildlife, landforms and major cities found in the various regions.

Lakeside 4th grade teachers

4A Rachelle Hendricks: ELAR/SS @Rahizzle85

4B Dawn Rehling: ELAR @DawnRehling

4C Frankie Robertson: Math/Science @robertsonfr1

4D Molly Salmon: Math @MissSalmon4D

4E Liz Tanner: SS/Science @4CTanner