25th president of the United States


He was born in January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio.

He was the president for 4 years and 6 months.

He was the last president who served in the American Civil War.

He started a war with Spain leading to an American Empire.

War with Spain

It was in 1898 between the U.S. and Spain because both interview in the revolution of cuba.

U.S. attacks on Spain's Pacific Possessions.

In Cuba, there have been some revolts with Spain for some years.

The public opinion in the U.S. was agitated by the anti-Spanish propaganda, in which they criticized the Spanish administration of Cuba.

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1895 election

McKinley began preparing a good run for president, that's why he won the election and thanks to his gubernatorial experience.

He won the popular vote being the largest victory in 25 years.

1900 election

He faced William Jennings Bryan, and McKinley won with a lot of difference.


He went to an exposition with his wife, that was in New York. The second day, he was greeting some people when one of them had a gun. He was shot two times and was in the hospital for a week. The doctors thought that he was getting better as he started eating. That evening he got worse and that night he died.