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December Newsletter

December News

Great month of December-- Ready Set Sell ends 1/20/2016!!

Which kit are you going to earn?

Add on Kit can be purchased until 1/20/2016. These products will be the specials for the upcoming months- Great investment!!! Love the new colors!

Make sure to check out all the Spring info on TOT




Top Party Sales in December!

Renee Miraglia- $988.00

Crystal Soltys- $501.00

Kacy Gehrens- $401.00

Joy Johnson- $350.00

Other Party Sales in December

Kacy Gehrens-$275.00

Joy Johnson- $268.00

Jenna Tasker- $257.00

Kacy Gehrens- $230.00

Jennifer Warrell- $215.00

Party Girls! Total parties in December 13!!!

Kacy Gehrens- 3

Joy Johnson- 2

Renee Miraglia-1

Crystal Soltys-1

Jennifer Warrell- 1

Jenna Tasker- 1

Better together Event! The event below I am co-hosting- Please attend any event in the area that works for you!

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 7-8:30pm

3 West Road

Newtown, PA

At this special event you’ll receive tools to help you bring more people to the party, grow your team and set goals for your best season ever.

Plus, learn more about our expanded personalization options – including our new Signature Canvas Pillows – and how to share them with Customers.

And, as always, we’ll be taking time to recognize all of your amazing achievements over the past few months.

Reserve your spot by no later than 1/20/2016!

Better Together Event- I am hosting this one during the day!

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 9:30am

30 Viaduct Lane

Levittown, PA

Great Training!! same details as above
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The items in the kit will be specials in the new catalog!!

Big image

Anyone who joins after 1/20/2016 will get the new Spring enrollment kit!

Heather Evans- Sapphire Stars

My stats for December

PV- $2,017.87

Parties- 4

New team members- 2

My commission- Just ask!

I am here to help you!!! Please reach out!!!