Learn more about Judaism By Adam Bensimon

How Judaism started

It started 4000 years ago by a man named Abraham. The city is unknown to this day. Abraham's town believed in idols they thought each one was a god. Abraham worked in his dad's shop selling idols until one day he took the biggest idol and destroyed the smaller ones this symbolized as only one god. He fled to a cave outside of the city and he was fed with milk and honey by God. 3000 years ago Moses was taken to Egypt after his brothers sold him to slave traders. He ended up as a slave for many years until the pharaoh really liked him and turned him into his right hand man. !e origins of Judaism and its basic teachings and laws are recorded in its most sacred text,

the Torah. The word Torah means “teaching.” The Torah consists of the books of

the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible is also called the Tanakh . In addition to

the Torah, the Hebrew Bible includes two collections of texts known as the Prophets and the

Writings. Christians use a version of the Hebrew Bible as their Old Testament.