The Core Sound

An NC Estuary

Why Estuaries are Important

Estuaries are very important to the environment. They are also known as "nurseries of the sea" for providing a safe place for marine life.

Where The Core Sound is located

The Core Sound is located on the east coast of North Carolina. It lies between mainland in Carteret County and Core Banks.

What lives in the Core Sound?

The Core Sound is home to hundreds of animals and marine life. These range from oysters, Loggerhead sea turtles, Shrimp, Alligators, and algae.

Linking Bodies of Water

The Core Sound is fed by multiple sources of water. Sources like the Atlantic Ocean, the Back Sound, and the North River.
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Threats to the Sound

The Core Sound has been better. In North Carolina main rivers have become polluted that are flowing into important bodies of water like the Tar River. Global Warming is causing the water levels of estuaries to rise threatening the swamps. Human deforestation is threatening the homes of animals, forcing them out of their homes.