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What's going on in the SCHS Media Center

First Lunch in the Library on September 29th

Twice a semester the library hosts a guest speaker and allows students to sign up to attend during their lunch period. We provide lunch to the first 10 to sign up and after that, students can brown bag it. This month we will host musician Marcus Wilkerson. Marcus is a percussionist among other things, and I am visioning a drum circle in the library on that day! (maybe?) Feel free to stop by and visit during your lunch.

Library Databases Sync with GoogleDrive

The Rocket Virtual Library can now sync with GoogleDrive to allow you and students to save, annotate and share research articles digitally. We currently subscribe to 5 Databases (Science, History, Health and Opposing Viewpoints) that both you and students can search from school or home. Databases are authoritative, provide tools like translation, citation help, and Lexiled searching. Once an article is found it can be digitally annotated and saved directly to GoogleDrive. If you would like a quick demo, give me a call or sign up to bring an entire class to the library to use this new, very cool digital feature.

Some Images from This Week in the Library

Did you know.... That all 9th grade students are currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird?

Building Community Through Reading

Reading is social. I tell kids this all the time and they think I'm crazy. But think for a minute about the conversations you have had with friends about books you've read. For the 3rd year in a row, SCHS is helping students build an at home library by purchasing a paperback book for each student. Each year teachers spend time reading through this list so we can all talk about the same books. It's so fun! As students begin reading their books, they share, swap, and experience a little of the "reading is social" thing that we already know. In the fall students selected a book from the American Library Association's "Best Books for Teens" list. Over the summer, books were ordered and are now being boxed by class period for teachers to distribute. 8th graders are also welcomed with a book. Here are the lists if you want to read a few and join the party! 9-12 List 8th Grade List AP Titles AP Language students have started The Glass Castle, but the rest of our students haven't received their books yet. Come check them out and let's get social.