Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Rainbow Wall is Rockin!

Congratulations to the following students for moving on up the Rainbow Wall! Can you believe that 21 out of 23 students already know 50 sight words or more?!?!? It's amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • Yellow: Bradley Rodriguez and AJ Boda
  • Green: Cory Baugher
  • Blue: Cory Baugher
  • Purple: Alandria Richardson, Caleb Hughes, and Ta'ai Fau
  • Pink: Caelin Polnett, Andrew Kincaid, Emily Stokes, and Mason Lintz

Picture Day is Monday! We have our class pictures at 9:20am! Please don't be late!

Art Keepsake Orders Were Due Today! They CAN be turned in Monday! Last Chance!!!

Loving the Leveled Readers!

This week, we had some more children improve on their reading! Moving up on their "growth flower," they earned the next level on their personal reading goal. Please help me congratulate the following students for working hard, reading a lot, and moving up to the next "petal":
  • Emare' Gipson
  • Logan Roberts
  • Caleb Hughes
  • AJ Boda
  • Leah Pratt

Dr. Seuss Week Fun

On Monday, we read Cat in the Hat and many students wore their hats! Each child received two pages that were copied out of the book and they circled the sight words they knew. It's amazing how many sight words we have already learned are within each page of a Dr. Seuss book!

On Monday, we also read Wacky Wednesday. This story has "wacky" pictures on each page, such as a mouse chasing a cat, a palm tree in the toilet, a door with two handles! After finding the wacky items on each page, we then worked as table groups to create our own "Wacky" pictures! It was amazing to see the students work together to create pictures that were filled with wackiness!

On Tuesday, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish was our book of the day. The students wore "red and blue" to celebrate this fun theme day. Again, we had two pages copied out of the book so that we could circle or highlight sight words we have learned. The children have really enjoyed the discovery that they know how to read Dr. Seuss so well! We also completed some rhyming pages that went along with this book. Rhyming is a skill on the 3rd quarter report card.

Wednesday, even though many students were checked out early due to the weather, was a great day! We wore pajamas in honor of The Sleep Book. We read a lot of books this day and even watched a Dr. Seuss movie!

On Thursday, crazy sock/shoe day, we read The Foot Book and had fun with the guest teacher.

Green Eggs and Ham was the finale for the week. The cooks made green eggs for lunch. We had a building full of people wearing green shirts, pants, shoes, and socks! We read the book and watched the movie. We voted on whether we liked green eggs or not. It was a very great day!