Journey in the Sahara Desert

Kevin Valle

Challenges In The Desert

  1. One challenge i will most likely face is dehydration and finding fresh water in a place where water is not very common. There are only a few places where there is fresh water and the real challenge will be finding one of these locations.
  2. Another challenge i will face in the Sahara is the extreme heat and finding or making shelter. The Sahara is obviously known for its intense heat year round, the temperature can go up to 104 degrees. Traveling in this intense heat and trying to avoid as much contact as possible will be a real challenge.
  3. The most common challenge in any adventure through places like these is hunting for food after your supplies have run out. This will be a challenge because i will not know what is edible and what is not, if i make the wrong move i can die very easily.

The Menu

With the food that i already have as well as what i find and hunt i will make 2 meals and try to eat only what i feel is necessary to have enough strength to survive these conditions.

  • Ostritch Egg and fruits like Figs, Palm, or Cactus
  • Gazelle or Ostritch or Rabbit meat cooked with " rhyme" a seasoning with the meat.

Big image
The backpack i will be taking with me that i will use to store my things in while i walk through the desert.