Augmented Reality

Arloon Apps

ARLOON is a collection of educational apps that provide an interactive learning experience for students. They help to make classrooms much more dynamic and interesting and link well with a range of different curriculum areas including:

  • Arloon Mental Math
  • Arloon Geometry
  • Arloon Plants
  • Arloon Solar System
  • Arloon Chemistry
  • Arloon Anatomy

All ARLOON apps include the possibility to use augmented reality. In order to use this technology, a code or special image is required which makes the 3D content available in your hand.

Arloon offers two ways of using augmented reality:

1. An ARLOON augmented reality card that is a code specially designed to make the augmented reality function properly.

2. Click & Play-Quickly take a picture or image with any ARLOON App and automatically convert it into a code to use augmented reality.


  • Offers 6 different math/science apps.
  • Can be used at the elementary/middle/high school levels.
  • Works with all types of technology( tablet, smartphone, computer, and whiteboard) and operating systems, therefore avoiding complications and additional expenses for the school.
  • High-quality graphics and content.
  • Infinite exercises and unlimited, self-correctable questions.
  • Makes it possible to study abstract concepts.
  • Engaging, Interactive, and Fun.
  • No manual or training required.


  • Not Free: $2.99 per app or $7.99 for the bundle.
  • Currently only available for Apple and Android devices
  • Click & Play in some cases may not be as good as using the ARLOON augmented reality card due to the quality of the picture taken.

Educational Tasks:

I believe this Augmented Reality tool offers teachers a great way to use technology to inspire learning in a variety of subjects and grade levels! It provides several different apps that can be used to help deepen student's understanding either by completing the activities or using the Augmented Reality aspect. Each app is interactive and helps bring learning to life!