eMindSet JointTask Workshops

Person-to-Person Collaboration Towards Specific Purposes

Do you need to train your English Skills for some specific task?

Do you need to improve your speaking for business? Are you soon giving a conference? Or an English-Certificate international exam? Do you have to travel abroad? Is a big business meeting coming?

This tailor-made workshops are designed to meet your particular needs and lift your language skills to the top.

Personal Planning and Backcasting

Whether you seek to master English Skills for business, study or travel, our team is ready to help you reach the goals that matter to you.

You choose your teacher, your time, and your topic.

We'll collaborate together, using #backcasting and #projectmanagement tools that will help to deliver the results.

This kind of personal training allows great advantages and guarantees a win+win outcome...We take challenges as opportunities, and we enjoy learning "with" and "from" you, increasing the chances of success by training by your side and building the experience together.

Your timing, your target, your achievement: our privilege.

This methods have been giving excellent outcomes in personalized training. Statistics in Neuropsychology prove that whatever deadline we have in front of us, increases the chances for procedural learning, fast thinking, and creativity.

Our team is looking forward to collaborate with your quest!

Please contact us for further information.

We are eMindSet

For further information, contact Profs. Christer Edman or Veronica Rebora